Green Gaels Student Club

Green Gaels is a student organization dedicated to promoting environmental consciousness through education, advocacy, and a change in the status quo.

We organize and participate in cleanups, educational talks and seminars, and environmental awareness events. Past events include Ecochella, a solar-powered, environmentally conscious concert held on campus in Fall of 2016, hikes in the East Bay area, lectures, movie viewings and cleanups both on and off campus.

Meet the members of our exec team!

President: Kavya Maddali (

Kavya is a Senior Politics and English double major who has been the Vice President of Green Gaels the past two years. She was largely responsible for the planning of Ecochella.


Vice President: James Morris (

James is a Junior Environmental Studies major who joined Green Gaels last year as the Programming Coordinator. He assisted in the marketing for Ecochella and performed as the opener for the other bands.


Treasurer: Raymond Boffman

Raymond is a Junior Environmental Studies major who has been Treasurer for Green Gaels the past two years. He’s a member of the Saint Mary’s cross country team, and has participated in many of the hikes and cleanups organized by the Green Gaels and other green organizations on campus.


Secretary: Elise Lozano

Elise is a Junior Anthropology major and is a new member to the Green Gaels executive team. She was an active member of Green Gaels last year, helping out during events and participating in meetings.


Committee Coordinator: Claire Huebler

Claire is a Senior Environmental Studies major who was president of Green Gaels the past two years. She has represented Saint Mary’s at environmental seminars and events.


Programming Coordinator: Kayla Martignetti

Kayla is a Senior Justice, Community, and Leadership and Spanish double major and is another new member to the Green Gaels executive team. She’s been involved in numerous environmentally conscious events and gatherings at Saint Mary’s in the past.


If you’d like to get involved with Green Gaels, please contact either Kavya, James, or visit our social media pages for more information.

  • Instagram: @greengaels
  • Facebook: Green Gaels
  • SPOT 2.0  link: