LAB: Liberal Arts Bridge Program

A laboratory for life after graduation. A bridge from the Liberal Arts to a meaningful professional life. A Liberal Arts Bridge to the first job, the next thing, and the future.

LAB is a comprehensive four-year program of professional exploration and development support for liberal arts majors.

We don’t push students to pick a career path early, or nudge them into restrictive tracks. That’s contrary to the spirit and value of the liberal arts. Rather, LAB provides appropriately sequenced and structured opportunities to ensure students

  • explore their interests, aptitudes, and related opportunities;
  • develop relevant skills, credentials, networks, self-awareness and self-efficacy; and
  • prepare materials and gain experiences that will enable their successful transition to meaningful professional lives.

By participating in LAB, liberal arts majors will be

  • talking early and often to faculty and staff advisors and mentors about their interests, questions, and worries related to life after graduation;
  • attending events where they can hear from and talk with alumni and others who have moved from the liberal arts into meaningful and rewarding personal and professional lives;
  • building and documenting in-demand job skills through curricular and extracurricular programs;
  • learning to articulate the relevance of their studies to the positions they seek;
  • participating in workshops and one-one sessions to develop job-ready skills and materials;
  • taking part in mock interviews and networking events;
  • gaining workplace experience through internships in a variety of sectors.



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