ROW Regional Coordinator Starter-Kit

So, you're interested in becoming a River of Words Regional Coordinator? Here are all the things you'll need to know. 

Regional Coordinator Kit Closed

The Center for Environmental Literacy is not onboarding new River of Words regional coordinators at this time. If you would like to participate in the River of Words competition as a group facilitator, please submit entries here

Why River of Words?

If you value environmental literacy among students and community, if you are committed to teaching the art and poetry of place to young people, River of Words may be the program for your community! 

Since 1995, River of Words has encouraged young people to explore and savor the watersheds where they live and has trained educators to guide them with inspiration and passion. River of Words strives to foster a sense of belonging, kinship, and stewardship for the places where they live.

ROW reaches thousands of educators and young people around the world. And how do we do it? 

  • Through our annual contest, which is merely a vehicle for community building, creates a space for students to submit their poetry and art. Learn more about our annual contest.
  • By bringing our Watershed Explorer curriculum into classrooms 
  • By celebrating the imagination and creativity of young people through art galleries, poetry readings and community events
  • By providing professional development oppertunities, support, and educational services to educator in the classrooms
  • Traveling exhibits and community programs