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Writing and Art Activities


River of Words Young Poets and Artists Teaching GuideDo your students ever have trouble selecting what to create? We hope they find inspiration among the many writing prompts and art activities to get them thinking about their watershed and environment.

Writing and Art Activities for Students

A Watershed Explorer Activity

The world is full of a variety of textures. Learning how to sense textures in three-dimensional forms can help us learn how to represent textures two-dimensionally. In this fun activity, we’ll be investigating and describing our natural world by  creating rubbings of different textures.

River of Words 2017
A Watershed Explorer Activity

This fun activity will help you discover the interconnectedness of ecosystems, as you use observation and imagination to think about a Mystery Item in the natural world.

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A Watershed Explorer Activity

We are surrounded by images in our daily world. We can practice writing to the world around us by begining with writing to Art and Photographs we are drawn to or interested in. Capturing the phrases and images that come to us as we look at a piece of art sometimes leads to poetry. 

Young Artists and Poets on the Nature of Things

There are items we pass every day in our lives, like leaves, rocks, pinecones, and more. What happens when we pause and look closely at these items? What happens when we write about them? Try this activity and find out! 

Young Artists and Poets on the Nature of Things

Think from the perspective of an insect and write a persona poem! 

Young Artists and Poets on the Nature of Things

Think from a perspective distant from your own, of a place that is familiar to you, and write a poem in the style of James Wright's “Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota”


Read the poem Francis', "Summons" and use the craft to create a poem using commands.

A section of Laura Hu's artwork "The Colorful Sea" heads the top of the page. The section visible in the header displays a gray and white dolphin swimming through a blue sea, surrounded by small clusters of seaweed and sea grass. The scene is rendered in either pastel or colored pencil
River of Words Spotlight

Learn about what others do to get inspired straight from students whose creative work has been selected for publication in the River of Words Anthology.