First Year Olympics

 Each year the Campus Recreation Department holds the First Year Olympic Event that promotes dorm involvement and pride. Each of the first year halls compete in a variety of sports, games and activities to be crowned the champions. This tradition of competition dates back to 2008 and creates camaraderie through rivalry. 

Congrats to Mitty Hall | 2017 and 2018 Champions

2018 Champs


Check out all the photo highlights on Flickr and a video highlight below!


MITTY HALL | Back-to-Back First Year Olympic Champions 2017 & 2018!

Mitty Hall was crowned the First Year Olympic Champions on September 9th. This is Mitty Hall are Back-to-Back Champions after winning the 2017 First Year Olympic Champions on Sept 10th.  


FYO 2017 Champs


AQUINAS HALL | Creative Flag Winners



AUGUSTINE HALL | Creative T-shirt and Team Cheer Winners



MITTY HALL | Rubic's Cube and Baby-Rattle  Winners



JUSTIN HALL | Pencil Grab Winner



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