The Body Positive

The Body Positive is a support and activism group that will be meeting bi-weekly this semester.  Stay tuned for more information and dates!

We believe that women can make the choice to love and accept themselves just as they are, and that we can fight against the messages we get daily that tell us we're not good enough and that we have to change ourselves. In TBP, women learn how to move and eat intuitively and how to love their bodies and themselves for the beautiful, amazing and unique individuals they are.

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Part One in our series of Race and Representation in the Media.  Part Two was a larger discussion, We Woke Up Like This.

Contact Rachel Schott ( or stop by the WRC for more information!

The Body Positive Facebook Group is hereBody Positive Video


The aftermath of our scale smash! This was an event in Love Your Body Week, co-hosted by SMC Patch.


My favorite thing about Body Positive is that it can be whatever you need that week—you can vent about or seek help for whatever’s troubling you.  Body Positive is an excellent space to learn self-love and to counteract any societal pressures you may be feeling.  We aim to create a community of students who are focused on creating a network of self-love and acceptance.
     -Abbie Starkovich, alumna, former Body Positive facilitator

Body Positive is such a wonderful experience because it provides a safe space for women to have a candid conversation about body image and society, and how that may hinder our perceptions and self-esteem. Plus, there's always hummus at the meetings. And I love hummus.
     -Gloria Palma, alumna, former Body Positive member
I have made many unique and intimate friendships with the other members in Saint Mary’s group, as well as the larger organization ( Since joining, I have made monumental strides in my own personal development as a young woman on the Saint Mary’s College campus. Body Positive has helped me realize I am more than a number and has been a key component in my growth towards loving my body, and leaving behind negative body image issues. Every meeting is full of wonderful food, company, and lively discussion. We discuss topics centered on body image, identity, weight, etc. The group is a safe space to share without judgment or resentment, the members and facilitators serve as a positive support network for each other.
     -Jessi Bailey, alumna, previous coordinator
I joined Body Positive my freshman year and was instantly hooked.  Throughout the years I have struggled with negative body image issues that have stemmed from the media as well as family.  One of my friends recommended Body Positive to me and I decided to check it out.  I was overwhelmed by the supportiveness of the group as well as the shared goals of learning to love and accept your body and all it provides for you.  This is a unique group of ladies who help each other discover beauty in themselves, develop a love of food, and find a system of movement that works for them.  Over the years, I have made many lasting friendships with the wonderful women in this group and have progressed in developing a deep love and appreciation of my body.

     -Audrey Chase (alumna), previous Body Positive facilitator