Self Esteem and Body Image

 College can be a difficult time when it comes to self image and lots of students struggle. The CWGE offers resources to help you be feel comfortable in your own skin and learn to love yourself just the way you are. 

 The Body Positive is a self love support group primarily for female-identifying students that works against negative body ideals in our culture. The group believes that health is possible in every size and can be achieved through living more intuitively. Body Positive members work together to accept and love themselves for the amazing and beautiful women they already are. The Body Positive meets every Wednesday from 6-7 PM in the WRC (Mitty Hall). For more information, call x4193. You can also check out our Facebook page!

If you'd rather talk to someone one on one, the WRC staff members are available to discuss whatever concerns you have. You can call or e-mail and make an appointment or just walk in and talk to someone.