Center for Women & Gender Equity

At the Center for Women & Gender Equity (previously known as the Women’s Resource Center), we respect all persons and value diversity. We are committed to social justice, gender equity, and creating an environment where violence is not tolerated.
  • The Center for Women and Gender Equity is a hub of connection and community for women, non-binary, trans and students of all gender identities.

  • It seeks to support women and folks across the gender identity spectrum in their development as they work to find their place on campus, by helping them identify ways to be engaged that support the curricular experience and formulate a post-graduation plan.

  • It seeks to address marginalization and disparities in resources, support, access and opportunities based on gender, and/or sexual orientation, racial, cultural, religious or ideological identities through thoughtful dialogues, discussion, programming and advocacy.

  • It seeks to help make the voices of women and people across the gender identity spectrum audible by intentionally creating spaces for story sharing, story writing, spoken word and healing.

  • The Center is committed to the movement to end violence against women and people of all gender identities (which is a symptom of gender inequity). We work in close partnership with the Office of Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention to continue this work. 

The Center for Women & Gender Equity utilizes a collaborative, strength-based approach in supporting and advocating for students, promoting gender equity and inclusivity. It houses gender justice programming and shares space with the Office of Campus Assault Response and Education (CARE)

We are rooted in an empowerment model.

We are located on the ground level of Augustine Hall.  Please come and visit us!