Virtual Field Trip to the Legacy Garden with Dr. Sue Marston

As a professor of education, Dr. Sue Marston knows the value of getting out of the classroom.  Field trips are often a part of her science curriculum and she is known for taking her classes to the Saint Mary’s College Legacy Garden, a half-acre garden located on campus. The garden grows a diverse range of organic produce and flowers. 

Many students, faculty, and staff have contributed their time over the years to planting, cultivating, and caring for the garden. There are several educational benefits of this work, including an understanding of the food production process and a greater awareness of the benefits of locally grown organic food. The garden also removes some of SMC’s environmental footprint by producing some of the food supply of our campus. The garden is fully funded by contributions from the support of Saint Mary’s College and members of the college community. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Marston has even taken her classes on virtual garden visits. As part of her Multiple Subject Teacher Education course, Curriculum & Instruction in Science, Dr. Marston created a virtual tour of The Legacy Garden. This course is designed to immerse K-8 student teachers in the theoretical concepts, instructional methodologies, and appropriate materials for use in science education. The course focuses on children’s thinking in science, curriculum planning, teacher reflection, and assessment strategies that promote differentiated instruction that facilitates the learning of science by all students.

Dr. Marston’s students know her as a positive force in education. In addition to teaching the Multiple Subjects' science course for 22 years, Professor Marston also loves teaching undergraduate seminar sections where she and her students are able to discuss historical texts in context of today’s issues. Music lovers would also enjoy knowing that Professor Marston’s undergraduate Jan. Term classes take a deep-dive into the rich history of the Grateful Dead by reading McNally's classic "A Long Strange Trip".

Dr.  Marston earned her BA in Economics from Bucknell University, a MA in Education (emphasis in Environmental Studies) from Acadia and her Ed.D. from University of Pennsylvania.  She continues to do research on the professional development of teachers during early and mid-career.  Born and raised outside of Philadelphia (where she taught 10 years in 3rd grade), Professor Marston has lived in the Bay Area for the past 22 years.

Special thank you to Dr. Marston for allowing us to share this virtual tour of The Legacy Garden with our community and giving us the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our campus garden from our homes. 

To learn more about Dr. Sue Marston and our Multiple Subject Teacher Education Credential Program, visit our website or schedule a consultation with our Admissions Team

To learn more and a chance to get involved with The Legacy Garden, email for more info and upcoming volunteer hours.

View the virtual tour with Dr. Sue Marston below!