Articulation Agreements

An Articulation Agreement indicates courses at a community college that transfer directly into Saint Mary's for major or general requirements. 
  • Courses that are transferable to the University of California (UC) system from California community colleges or another accredited college or university are typically acceptable at Saint Mary's. However, these must be completed courses with letter marks (rather than, Pass, Satisfactory, or Credit) grades of C- or above to be applied for advanced standing credit toward graduation at Saint Mary's.
  • Courses in remedial subjects, vocational fields, secondary school mathematics, and non-academic areas are not acceptable for transfer credit.
  • Credit is not given for courses in which grades of D+ or below are received, however, all grades are included in the grade point average. A maximum of 19 lower-division course credits is transferable to Saint Mary's College (64-semester units or 95 quarter units).
  • For help in determining which of your UC or community college courses are transferable to SMC, we recommend using
  • We maintain articulation agreements with numerous California community colleges. Check with your transfer center to see if they have an agreement with Saint Mary's. See the list below.
  • Serves as a pathway for seamless transfer, but you do not need to complete each grouping to be eligible to transfer to Saint Mary's College.