Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions about Tuition and Fees.

What is an eCheck?

An eCheck or electronic check is an electronic version of a paper check and may be used by U.S. bank account holders with existing checking and/or savings accounts to make a payment online. It is a convenient, safe and secure method of payment. eChecks may be made from personal checking or savings accounts. Payments from brokerage accounts may not be processed online.

To use an eCheck, you will need your personal account information, including your bank account number and ABA routing number, which is available on your personal check. Company checks and brokerage accounts cannot be used as eCheck transactions. For savings account holders, contact your bank directly for your ABA routing number. eCheck payments are accepted online at no additional charge through GaelXpress, Student Account Center. Parents and Authorized Users may access the Student Account Center through https://secure.touchnet.net:443/C21320_tsa/web


Does SMC accept credit cards for payment?

No. Credit cards are no longer accepted as of October 15, 2010.

When will I receive a tuition bill and when is it due?

Bills are sent electronically through email notification to your Saint Mary's email account using SMC's online billing and payment system. Email is the College's primary method of communication. Accounts with returned or undelivered email may be assessed a fee. It is the student's responsibility to manage and maintain his/her SMC email account as part of his/her commitment for success at Saint Mary's College.

Fall semester bills are sent to registered undergraduate students in early July and payment is due in early August.

Spring semester bills are sent to registered undergraduate students in early December and payment is due in early January.

Additional bills are sent throughout the year based on the status of your account.

Graduate, professional and non-traditional students have tuition due by the 15th of the month. 

My bill shows pending aid. What does this mean?

Pending aid (also known as Estimated aid) is the amount of financial aid offered for a specific term. This aid can be applied to the student's tuition account, however it has not yet been disbursed. For this reason, it shows as pending aid.  Financial aid will not disburse until all required documents have been received and approved and the student's enrollment status meets all requirements. Loan fees for loans disbursed after October 1, 2019 are 1.059%  (deducted from Federal Direct Loan proceeds -Subsidized and Unsubsidized) and 4.236%  deducted from Direct Parent PLUS (please deduct the percentage from the awarded amount on your award letter).  The loan fees are subject to change each year. Please contact the Financial Aid Office directly at (925) 631-4370.

 ***Federal work study and private scholarships will NOT be reflected as pending aid.

How can I view my bill and make a payment?

  • To view your bill and make a payment go to GaelXPress.
  • Click the Log In button and enter your User ID and Password
  • Click Submit
  • Click on Current Students
  • Under Student Account Center, select Student Account Center
  • In the center of the homepage, you should see your balance and links to make a payment. On the right, you will see options to "Authorize Users" and "Set up a Payment Plan"

How can I set up an Authorized User?

Follow the above steps. Once you reach the menu options:

  • Click Authorized Users
  • Enter the email address of the user you would like to authorize and confirm you are giving them access to your student account.
  • Click Continue

What is the link for parents and other authorized payers who have been entered as authorized users for their student?

The link is https://secure.touchnet.net:443/C21320_tsa/web

Can I pay my account balance by mail?

Yes. You can send a check, money order or certified check made payable to "Saint Mary's College" to: Business Office, 1928 St. Mary's Road, PMB 4600, Moraga, CA 94575. Please print the PDF version of your bill and return the bottom portion with your remittance. Make sure to write your student account number and/or full name on the check.

Can I pay my account balance in person?

Yes. You can pay in person at the Business Office. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The office closes at 4 p.m. on Friday during the summer months. Please note: We do not accept debit cards or credit card payments.

There is a negative number in the Amount Due field.  What does this mean?

A negative number is a credit balance and means you are due a refund. Usually, refunds are a result of your student loans. Refunds will only be issued on credit balances after ALL allowable charges have been paid in full (including any payment plan balance). Refunds are ready the first week of the semester (if all the aid has posted). Parent Plus Loan refunds typically go to the parent borrower unless the parent authorized the refund to go to the student.

Please Note: A refund cannot be processed until there is an actual credit balance on your account. All financial aid requiremenets must be met. We do not refund in anticipation of aid posting. Refunds are not issued for students with monthly payment plans until the plan is paid in full. Refunds will go back to the originating source if a payment is made by a third party. 

Why am I being charged for medical insurance if I have my own?

To ensure that all undergraduate students have health insurance coverage, including basic sickness and accident insurance, the College has a mandatory health insurance requirement. All full-time undergraduate students are required to have health insurance coverage. This means, full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled and billed for the College’s provided plan.

If you have comparable coverage of your own, you must ACTIVELY file a waiver for the Saint Mary's Student Health Plan every year by going to www.stmarys-ca.edu/health-wellness-center/insurance-waivers. Complete the questions, including your insurance card number, and waive coverage.  Be sure to save your email confirmation for your records. Once you have completed the waiver Saint Mary's will credit your account for the premium. If you believe you have submitted a waiver and are still being charged, please provide printed proof of your waiver to the Business Office or by calling (925) 631-4209. The waiver must be completed by AUGUST 15, 2019 for the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

PLEASE NOTE: The waiver opportunity will shut down on August 15, 2019. If you have not completed the waiver by August 15th, you will be insured for the full academic year with no other chance to waive. The cost of the annual medical insurance policy is $3,204.  The entire amount will be billed to your student account. A charge of half the premium will be on your fall bill of $1,602 and a charge of the remaining half of $1,602 will be on your spring bill. Attention: International students and U.S. citizens whose primary residence is abroad will NOT be able to waive the school insurance. Mandatory enrollment is required if your permanent address is abroad.

I am a new student and I did not attend the New Student Orientation. Can I be refunded?

No, all new students are required to attend the Orientation. It is a fundamental aspect of SMC. The new student fee is a nonrefundable fee of $250 whether you attended or not. All deposits and fees at Saint Mary’s College are non-refundable.

Why do I have a Late Registration fee?

Students who do not register during the open registration period(s) are subject to a late registration fee. For undergraduates, the fee is $175 per semester. For graduate/professional students, the fee may vary, however, it is generally $100 per term for graduate/professional students.

Is there a payment plan available for enrolled students?

Yes, traditional undergraduate students who are registered full-time at Saint Mary's may enroll in a monthly payment plan. The plan runs from June through October for the fall semester and November though March for the spring semester. There is an enrollment fee of $50 per semester. Please log into your GaelXpress Account and click on Student Account Center to enroll in the payment plan.

Graduate and professional students may enroll in our 3 month payment plan at $35 per term.

All Payment Plans can be set up through the Student Account Center (Accessed through GaelXPress for Students and through this link for Authorized Users https://secure.touchnet.net:443/C21320_tsa/web


I have a credit on my account. Why haven't I received a refund?

Possible reasons for not receiving your refund are:

  • Refunds are not processed until the term begins. No refunds will be released prior to the start of your term.
  • A refund cannot be processed until there is a credit balance on your account. All financial aid requirements must be met.
  • There is a two-week holding period for credits that result from an overpayment from a check or eCheck of any kind.
  • Refunds are not issued for students with monthly payment plans until the plan is paid in full.
  • Credits resulting from Federal Parent Plus Loans are issued to the parent borrower who took out the loan unless the parent has authorized the refund to go to the student.
  • Credits resulting from third-party payments will be issued back to the organization who made the payment.
  • A refund cannot be processed if you set up eReimbursement but the bank numbers you entered are invalid.

I have questions about Housing and Meal plans

Please contact the Campus Housing Office directly regarding questions about housing and dining services at (925) 631-4241 or you may email housing@stmarys-ca.edu

Can I apply for a Federal Perkins Loan?

No, unfortunately the Federal Perkins Loan Program has expired per the U.S. Department of Education's negotiated rule-making. No further Perkins Loan disbursements will be made to any student after June 30, 2018.

For students who received a Perkins Loan prior to it's expiration, Exit Counseling information will be provided to you when you separate from the College.  This information is mandated by law and is required to clear you for graduation.  Face-to-face sessions are held in April and May. The packet may also be mailed to you if you have withdrawn.

Separation from the College means you have graduated or dropped below the federal half-time requirement.  Perkins borrowers go into "repayment" after a 9 month grace period.

Saint Mary's College of California partners with Unisa, Inc for our Perkins Loan processing, www.unisainc.com