World Religions

The following are TRS catalog courses in World Religions.

Prerequisite Grade

Theology & Religious Studies 097 is a prerequisite for any upper division theology and religious studies course; however, only a passing grade in TRS 097 is required, not a minimum grade of C-.

Upper Division

150 Topics in World Religions 
An investigation of a topic in World Religions not covered by the regular offerings of the department. Topics are announced prior to registration each semester. May be repeated for credit when content changes. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

151 Judaism
Modern Jewish life is the product of more than 3,000 years of evolving thought, worship, traditions, theology, history, and civilization. This course examines these interweaving strands of Jewish civilization as it investigates the dynamic role Judaism plays for its adherents then and now. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

152 Islam: Beliefs and Practices
This courses introduces students to the ideas that shaped Islamic history, from the early pre-Islamic period and the conditions prevalent at Islam's inception all the way to the present. The basic belief system, rituals, mystical traditions and Islamic societal interaction will be studied with ample references from the Qur'an and prophetic statements. The Prophet Muhammad will be explored in depth and various sources of historical record will be examined. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

153 Eastern Religions
This course is an introduction to the study of religion by way of four of the world's major traditions: Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Chinese religious field (Confucianism and Taoism). The emphasis will be on each tradition's views of the nature of ultimate reality, human nature, the highest good that life can attain, and the conduct that leads to that attainment. Attention will also be given to the difficulties of trying to cross conceptual boundaries. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

154 Hinduism
This course examines the cultural/religious phenomenon of "Hinduism" in a number of its ancient and modern forms by considering how it has developed in the context of historical forces and responded to the modern world as it adapts to a global setting. It explores dimensions of Hindu theology and philosophy; it ponders the role of deities, temples, and cultural practices; it investigates central myths, much-loved stories, global gurus, and Bollywood films. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

155 Buddhism
This course considers the history, thought, and practice of Buddhism by studying the enduring themes and cultural adaptations of its main schools through primary and secondary texts, art, video/audio, and field trips. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

156 Religions of India 
The course focuses on the religious traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, and Sikhism, examining their interaction in historical context and contemporary India. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

195 Intensive Inquiry: World Religions
An in-depth investigation of a topic in World Religions, designed for TRS majors and minors. Topics are announced prior to registration each semester. May be repeated for credit when content changes. Prerequisite:
Two TRS courses, or permission of instructor.  


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