Sacraments and Spirituality

The following are TRS catalog courses in Sacraments and Spirituality.

Prerequisite Grade

Theology & Religious Studies 097 is a prerequisite for any upper division theology and religious studies course; however, only a passing grade in TRS 097 is required, not a minimum grade of C-.

Upper Division

130 Topics in Spirituality
An investigation of a topic in spirituality not covered by the regular offer­ings of the department. Topics are announced prior to registration each semester. May be repeated for credit when content changes. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

131 Christian Spirituality
This course explores the experience, understanding, and living out of the Christian faith. It studies classical and contemporary texts of some of the most important figures of Christian spirituality. It examines various expressions of spirituality in architecture, poetry, painting, and music. It considers the question of religion versus spirituality, as well as the question of relating to God within a universe of galaxies that seems to dwarf all human experience. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

132 Sexuality, Marriage and Family: A Catholic Perspective
A presentation of the teaching of the Church on all aspects of sexuality, marriage and family. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

133 Life Stories and Theology
Uses narratives of exemplary lives, ancient and modern, Christian and non-Christian, as a tool to investigate the task of authentic existence today in the light of the gospel. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

134 The Catholic Imagination
The thesis of this course is that there is a unique way of looking at the world: "the Catholic Imagination." This imagination can be discerned, not only in church teaching, but also in art and architecture, music (both "sacred" and "secular"), painting, fiction, poetry, and film, in the church's concern for social justice, and in the stories of individual women and men of faith, many of whom have shown incredible vision and heroism. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

193 Intensive Inquiry: Sacraments and Spirituality
An in-depth investigation of a topic in Sacraments and Spirituality, designed for TRS majors and minors. Topics are announced prior to registration each semester. May be repeated for credit when content changes.  Prerequisite: Two TRS courses, or permission of instructor


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