The following are TRS catalog courses in Ethics.

Prerequisite Grade

Theology & Religious Studies 097 is a prerequisite for any upper division theology and religious studies course; however, only a passing grade in TRS 097 is required, not a minimum grade of C-.

Upper Division

140 Topics in Christian Ethics
An investigation of a topic in Ethics not covered by the regular offerings of the department. Topics are announced prior to registration each semester. May be repeated for credit when content changes. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

141 Christian Ethics
This course introduces students to the disciplined study of ethics in the Roman Catholic tradition and the reformulation of Catholic ethics which has taken place in the spirit of Vatican II. The primary focus is on the fundamental topics of moral theology: what difference Jesus makes to moral theology, the role of scripture, virtue, the conscience sin and conversion, the fundamental option, proportionalism, the teaching authority of the church on moral matters and the relation of morality to civil law. Concrete issues such as contraception and homosexuality will be considered as test cases for Roman Catholic moral theology and as illustrations of the debates and tensions present in Catholic ethics since Vatican II. This course also integrates the insights of Christian ethics through a discussion of film and drama. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

142 Medical Ethics
Ethics–how we should live–is at the core of medical practice. With the dramatic changes in medical practice in recent decades, from new technologies, to changes in financing, to a changed conception of patient rights, medical ethics has rapidly moved form obscurity to become one of the most important areas of applied ethics. This course explores the relation between religious and moral values and choices we as individuals and as a society make about health care. Basic principles and methods of contemporary medical ethics will be introduced, along with a focus on virtue ethics and competing models of the patient-physician relationship. A wide range of issues will be analyzed: informed consent, confidentiality, research on human subjects, reproductive technology, appropriate care for seriously ill newborns, abortion, gene therapy, quality-of-life assessments, terminal sedation, withdrawal of nutrition and hydration, physician-assisted suicide, and proposals for health-care reform. PrerequisiteTRS 097.

143 Catholic Social Teachings
Explores the Catholic approach to questions of social justice (e.g., the problems of poverty, exploitation, and racism). PrerequisiteTRS 097.

194 Intensive Inquiry: Ethics
An in-depth investigation of a topic in Ethics, designed for TRS majors and minors. Topics are announced prior to registration each semester. May be repeated for credit when content changes. Prerequisite: Two TRS courses, or permission of instructor. 

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