2018 Fall Course Offerings

Note: TRS 097 and TRS 189 fulfill the "Theological Foundations" requirement of the Core Curriculum. All other TRS courses listed below except for TRS 129 and TRS 192 satisfy the "Theological Explorations" requirement. All upper-division TRS courses require either TRS 097 or TRS 189 as a prerequisite.


TRS 97: The Bible & Its Interpretation

Many sections are offered every term.

This course focuses on the Bible, the sacred scriptures of the Jewish and Christian peoples. These texts have had a profound influence on art, literature, philosophy, and politics for over two thousand years of history, particularly in the West. As such, an understanding of the Bible is essential for a well-informed perspective on the world. (Satisfies the "Theological Understanding" requirement of the Core Curriculum.) 


All courses below the above line (except TRS 189, which is for transfer students only) satisfy the "Theological Understanding" (Theological Explorations) requirement of the Core Curriculum. Prerequisite: TRS 97 or TRS 189

TRS 101: Origins of Christianity

T/Th 8:00am-9:35am, Zach Flanagin

This course examines the rise of the Christian movement, focusing on such topics as Gnosticism, martyrdom, and the development of Christian ideas about Jesus.

TRS 115: Jesus & His Teaching

M/W/F 11:45am-12:50pm, Michael Barram

An exploration of teachings attributed to Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels (e.g., the Sermon on the Mount, parables, and other memorable statements), emphasizing the ways in which Jesus' statements have been interpreted and appropriated.

TRS 120: Feminist Theologies

T/Th 8:00am-9:35am, Jessica Coblentz
T/Th 9:45am-11:20am, Jessica Coblentz

This course explores theologiical method, theology anthropology, and Christology in Latina Feminst and Black Feminist theologies from the Christian tradition in the United States. 

TRS 126: Theology of Creation: The Incarnate Word in an Evolving Universe

M/F 1:00pm-2:40pm, Father David Gentry-Akin

Examines a theology of Creation that understands Creation to be the outpouring of the love of the Trinitarian God, exploring the emerging new scientific story of the universe, and harvesting insights from various sources. 

TRS 128: The Trinity

M/W/F 11:45am-12:50pm, Anne Carpenter

This course explores the Christian doctrine of God through its most significant expressions--and controversies--both ancient and modern.

TRS 129: Foundations of Theology

T/Th 1:15pm-2:50pm, Jessica Coblentz

This course offers students a fundamental understanding of what academic theology is, what it does, and what methods and sources it employs. (The course is reserved for TRS majors and minors. It does not fulfill any Core Curriculum requirements.) 

TRS 133: Life Stories & Theology

M/F 1:00pm-2:40pm, Brother Michael Avila

Uses narratives of exemplary lives, ancient and modern, Christian and non-Christian, as a tool to investigate the task of authentic existence today in the light of the gospel.

TRS 141: Christian Ethics

T/Th 11:30am-1:05pm, Tom Poundstone

Introduces students to the disciplined study of ethics in the Roman Catholic tradition and the reformation of Catholic ethics taking place in the spirit of Vatican II. This course also integrates the insights of Christian ethics through discussion of film and drama. (The course also fulfills the "Community Engagement" and "Common Good" requirements of the Core Curriculum. Twenty or more hours of service are required.)

TRS 151: Judaism

M/W 4:00pm-5:35pm, Rabbi Harry Manhoff

Modern Jewish life is the product of more than 3,000 years of evolving thought, worship, traditions, theology, history, and civilization. This course investigates the dynamic role Judaism plays for its adherents then and now.

TRS 156: Religions of India

T/Th 8:00am-9:35am, Norris Palmer
T/Th 9:45am-11:20am, Norris Palmer

Focuses on a number of religious traditions (Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Parsi) within a wide variety of their historical and cultural settings, examining both individual traditions and the complex history of their interactions. (The couse also fulfills the "Global Perspectives" requirement of the Core Curriculum.)

TRS 164: Dante & The Divine Comedy

M/W/F 9:15am-10:20am, Brother Michael Meister

Offers an in-depth spiritual and literary exploration of one of the greatest works of world literature, Dante's Divine Comedy. The theme of pilgrimage engages both Dante and the students in a journey to redeption, exploring the consequences of choice and free will.

TRS 165: Spiritual, Not Religious: Emerson to the New Age

M/W/F 10:30am-11:35am, Paul Giurlanda

This course seeks to situate the contemporary phrase “spiritual, not religious” in a larger historical context and to compare contemporary American comprehension of spirituality without institutional borders to more traditional understandings of spirituality. 

TRS 189: The Bible & Its Interpretation - Great Themes

T/Th 8:00am-9:35am, Tom Poundstone
T/Th 9:45am-11:20am, Tom Poundstone

This course focuses on the Bible, the sacred scriptures of the Jewish and Christian peoples, texts that have had a profound influence on religion, art, politics, and culture for over two thousand years. (Reserved for transfer students with 16 or more units at time of entrance. The course fulfills the "Theological Foundations" requirement of the Core Curriculum, not the "Theological Explorations" requirement.)

TRS 191: Intensive Inquiry - The Christology of Jon Sobrino

M/W/F 10:30am-11:35am, Joseph Drexler-Dreis

We will engage in a close reading of the christology of liberation theologian Jon Sobrino. Following in Sobrino’s framework, we will consider the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus from historical and theological angles. We will also consider the implications of Sobrino's christology for communal and political life in the present historical situation. (This course is reserved for TRS majors and minors. It does not fulfill any Core Curriculum requirements.)


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