Students Rate Saint Mary's High on the Satisfaction Scale

How happy are Saint Mary's students with the education they receive at the College? Judging by the results of a recent survey of graduating seniors, very happy.

The 2011 Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) survey revealed that satisfaction levels for SMC seniors has reached five-year highs in many areas, including the overall college experience.

Students also expressed very high levels of satisfaction with the amount of contact with the faculty (94% satisfied), class size (95%) and overall quality of instruction (92%).

Interestingly, they were happier with their college experience than seniors at other four-year Catholic colleges and even all four-year private colleges in several key areas, including overall quality of instruction, contact with faculty and the racial/ethnic diversity of the student body.

"Our students are clearly benefiting from the quality of the academic experience that we provide," said Provost Beth Dobkin. "It's hard to imagine stronger indications of satisfaction from our graduating seniors."

The survey was administered by the Office of Institutional Research. Detailed results can be found on the office's web page.