Student Success

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The Student Success Office (SSO) is a leader in Higher Education known for delivering high impact practices with proven outcomes. Our practices are focused on providing equity and access to all students. 

The SSO and its departments provide students with connections, opportunities and initiatives that foster: holistic learning and education; academic, personal and professional development and excellence; degree achievement; and positive post-graduate outcomes from a developmental and strengths-based perspective.

SSO strengthens collaboration among staff and faculty to foster a culture of commencement in which successful graduation is a shared universal expectation. To uphold that expectation, SSO supports an expanded understanding of student success, including academic, personal, and psychosocial well-being. SSO is committed to providing undergraduates and graduates with the guidance and services necessary to help them find the correct balance of support, challenge, structure and independence needed to realize their full potential. Under the leadership of the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success, SSO is comprised of:

Academic Honor Council

Career and Professional Development Services

Center for Writing Across the Curriculum

High Potential Program (HP)

Lamont Madden Book Fund

Student Disability Services (SDS)

Student Engagement and Academic Success (SEAS)

Tutorial and Academic Skills Center (TASC)

Additionally, SSO promotes academic responsibility, integrity, accountability, and respect among Saint Mary’s College students and faculty, ensuring compliance with and support of the college’s academic standards and policies.