Peer Conduct Council

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The Peer Conduct Council's goal is to foster a stronger community through an engaging and educational student conduct process.  


Peer Conduct Council


What is the Peer Conduct Council?

The Peer Conduct Council goal is to foster a stronger community through peer-to-peer education, which encompasses but is not limited to, conduct hearings, presentations, and co-facilitating restorative practices. The Peer Conduct Council is comprised of undergraduate student leaders dedicated to educating their fellow peers about living in community. 


Peer Conduct Council members will experience a four-component leadership formation program.  Designed to combine critical thinking skills with opportunities to participate in leadership programs, the Peer Conduct Council is an opportunity to discover personal leadership styles while providing their peers with the information to assist them in making responsible decisions. 

Council member will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of personalized leadership programs including workshops, retreats and activities.  Peer Conduct Council members will have opportunities to develop leadership skills from professionals across the division of Student Life (Dean of Students, NSFP, SIL, Residential Experience, Campus Housing and MECS).  Members will be exposed to leadership skills that include, but are not limited to, peer education, motivational interviewing, conflict resolution, group facilitation, programming, critical and analytical thinking, communication and team decision making.  



The Peer Conduct Council (PCC) is available to give peer-to-peer presntations about the Saint Mary's Undergraduate Handbook. Specifically regarding alcohol and drug violations and information on the Good Samaritan Policy.                                                                         

To submit your request for a presentation, click here or contact the Office of Community Life at 925-631-4238.


To learn about the individual students who serve as PCC members click here: