Discipline Process

The following process outlines the general steps when a student is charged with an alleged policy violation as outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Step 1.  Incident Report is submitted to the Office of Community Life.

Any member of the College community, including but not limited to students, staff or faculty, may make a report of conduct involving a student or student organization that may be a violation(s) of the Code and/or other College policies. A report of such conduct can be made in writing and shall be directed to the Dean of Students, or designee.

Step 2.  The Dean of Students, or designee, will review all reports of conduct to determine which sections of the Code and/or other College policies were allegedly violated and refer the case to the appropriate hearing process.

Types of Hearings: 

a. A hearing between a hearing office and the student(s) individually
b. A hearing before a Peer Conduct Council panel; or,
c. A hearing before a Disciplinary Hearing Board (DHB) panel

Step 3.  Written notification of the scheduled hearing is sent to the student via email to the student's SMC email account.

Students are expected to participate in the student discipline process when they are called to a hearing.  Should a student fail to appear when proper notification has been given or should the student fail to provide a statement during the hearing, the hearing will proceed without benefit of that student’s input.

Step 4.  Hearing Meeting (see Preparing for a Disciplinary Hearing).

Step 5.  Written Decision sent to student (includes decision, and sanctions if applicable)

Sanctions are completed by student.  If sanction is not completed by due date a"hold" will be placed on your student account preventing the student from adding or dropping courses or viewing grades.  Once sanctions are completed or if a student is found "Not Responsible", the case is closed.