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To report a bias incident or hate crime, please use the BIRT online reporting form.

BIRT is an institutional priority identified by the College Committee on Inclusive Excellence.  Reporting to the Vice Provost of Student Life, BIRT is composed of students, staff, and faculty who have received specialized training in the prevention of and response to bias incidents and hate crimes.

BIRT Co- Chairs

Evette Castillo Clark

Co-Chair /Dean of Students

Gloria Sosa


Permanent Membership

Desiree Anderson

Intercultural Center

Sharon Sobotta

Women’s Resource Center

Adan Tejada

Public Safety

2-Year Membership

Br. Christopher Brady

Christian Brother Community


Graduate Student

(Annual Membership)

Carrie Davis

Mission & Ministry

Stacy Vander Velde

Community Life

Kari Montero

Athletics & Recreation

Emily Sanchez

Undergraduate Student

(Annual Membership)

Bruce Morotti

Human Resources




Undergraduate Student

(Annual Membership)

Devin Toma

Student Disability Services

Jim Sciuto

Residential Experience

Dai To