Senior Mentoring Groups

Senior Mentoring Groups (SMGs) give participating seniors the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their SMC experience and the transitions they are about to make.  SMGs are designed to facilitate reflection, offer support, and provide decision-making techniques useful to the graduating senior.

These small groups are informally facilitated by faculty, staff, and Christian Brothers and will meet monthly to provide mentoring and peer support as seniors navigate what can be a stressful and difficult year.  The structure will be informal and flexible to meet the interests and time constraints of most seniors.


Students who participate in the program will:

  1. Reflect on the values and personal changes that have occurred during their undergraduate years
  2. Develop confidence in their career search, decision-making techniques, and workplace expectations
  3. Empower themselves to make a difference in the world and contribute to the common good
  4. Learn financial literacy and life skills
    Gain knowledge of engagement opportunities for alumni to stay connected with SMC

SMGs are also sensitive to the mixed emotions that accompany senior year. It is not unusual to be proud of what one has accomplished in college, while at the same time experience a sense of loss about the college years coming to an end. Much of the stress of senior year can be attributed to uncertainty and anxiety about the future; being alone in the real world; establishing a new, self sufficient identity; and loss or sadness over leaving college behind. Airing these mixed emotions in a mentoring group can be a liberating and therapeutic experience for seniors, as well as a unifying one.

Logistics and Structure

SMGs will be composed of 4-8 seniors and one staff or faculty mentor.  Interested students will agree to participate in a gathering with this small group each month to cover a variety of topics.  Each group will have a large degree of freedom in determining how the group runs, when it meets, and what topics are covered.

Role of the Mentor

A mentor is a person who can ask provocative questions, facilitate discussion, and provide decision-making support.  Mentors are good listeners who want to help students discover their strengths and realize their full potential.


SMGs begin meeting in September and spots are limited, so don’t delay!  Interested seniors should contact Patty Bishop in the Career Development Center at TODAY!