Staying Healthy

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Academic and athletic success matter, but we also want you to achieve personal health and well-being here.

Don’t ever feel like there is a subject too small or too taboo. You should stop by our Health and Wellness Center if you are looking to get rid of a cough, get a (painless) flu shot or just want to speak with a physician privately about something.  

Another place you can always find someone who wants to listen is at Counseling And Psychological Services (CAPS). And remember, no matter where you go, everything is confidential.

Of course, health and wellness isn’t just about Robitussin and health centers. Staying active and soaking up some vitamin D also go a long way. Fitness classes like Pilates and outdoor trips like whitewater rafting will keep you in shape and help you manage stress. Find a peaceful spot in the Legacy Garden or try a new diet to help keep your body in balance. After all, a change of pace or a little exercise is sometimes the best medicine.