Serving Alcohol at Events

Student Involvement and Leadership approves all events at which alcohol will be present when students may be in attendance.

All events at which students may be in attendance (sponsored by any campus constituency) and alcohol is served must be registered and/or approved through Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL). Individuals who do not register their events, are personally liable for the behavior of any student (of age OR underage) to whom they serve any alcoholic beverages.

College departments (academic or administrative) may sponsor events where alcohol will be served and where students will be present.  The sponsoring department must submit an Alcohol Registration Form (pdf) to Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL) ten (10) days prior to the event.  This document lists the sponsor(s) of the event and requires acknowledgment of understanding and agreement to adhere to College policies and procedures as well as approval from the department chair, dean of the school or appropriate Vice President/Provost. Please keep these guidelines in mind while planning the event and submitting the registration form: 

  • The sponsoring department must have a faculty of staff member present for the duration of the event to serve as the on-site event manager.  This person may not consume any alcohol or other drugs prior to or at the event and is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy. If alcohol is to be sold, you must obtain the necessary one-day permit through the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control and possess the permit at all times during the event.
  • No individual under the age of 21, or anyone who is obviously intoxicated may be served, or permitted to consume, alcoholic beverages at any event.  Identification must be checked by entry monitors prior to being served alcohol and must consist of a valid driver’s license, passport, or official identification card, and, for Saint Mary’s College students, a Saint Mary’s College student ID card.  Students of legal age are required to wear wristbands during the event.
  • If the event involves students under the age of 21, alcohol must be served by trained Sodexo bartenders and served and consumed in a specific area designated for persons 21 and older.  Anyone who intentionally furnishes false information regarding his/her age shall be subject to disciplinary action.  Only one (1) drink may be served at one time.
  • Student Involvement and Leadership has the right to alter or redefine, as a condition of approval, any of the above regulations as they relate to a specific department or organization.  If, at any time, the well being of the community members is deemed to be threatened, appropriate and prompt action will be taken by the College.  

PDF Form to Fill Out and Print for Signatures

Printable Registration Form 

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