Resident Advisors & Resident Directors

In each of our halls we have student and professional staff who are there to lead the residential community. Resident Advisors are students who have been trained to develop the community and create a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Resident Directors are Faculty & Staff members or Christian Brothers who live in the community and serve as resources for the students who live there. Below is a complete list of Resident Directors and Resident Advisors.


Bldg. / Floor

Resident Director

Resident Advisor


Ferdinand & Camille Ageno, 1st

Ardi Samonte

Caila Pedroncelli


Ferdinand & Camille Ageno, 2nd

Br. Michael Meister

Nia Patrick


Marjorie David Ageno, 1st

Marcus D. Weemes

Jackie Hitchcock


Marjorie David Ageno, 2nd

Marcus D. Weemes

Lizzy Allen


Michael Ageno, 1st

Br. Glenn Bolton

Ben Schepergerdes


Michael Ageno, 2nd

Fr. David Gentry Akin

Jesus Gutierrez


Claeys North, 1st

Br. Thomas Jones

Malia Medeiros


Claeys North, 2nd

Victoria Gonzalez

Taylor-Nikole Gordon


Claeys South, 1st

Jane Camarillo

Christa MacKinnon


Claeys South, 2nd

Br. Charles Hilken

Frances Guerrero-Garcia



Samantha Alberto

Olivia Brophy



Jen Herzog

Breanna De 'Leon



Bldg. / Floor

Resident Director

Resident Advisor

Central Campus

Aquinas, 1st

Kami Gray

Alexis Bustamante


Aquinas, 2nd

Br. Mark McVann (Faculty In Residence)

Mason LaBadie


Aquinas, 3rd

Fr. Tom McElligott

Colin Jones


Aquinas, 4th

Fr. Tom McElligott

Noah McDermott


Assumption, 1st

Chris Jones

Nick Sanchez


Assumption, 2nd

Chris Jones

Kimberly Paschal


Augustine, 1st

Scott Logan

Ryan Henry


Augustine, 2nd

Lisa O'Meara

Colleen Raab


Augustine, 3rd

Susie Miller Reid

Anna Ahrens


Augustine, 4th

Susie Miller Reid

Aedan Richter


De La Salle, 2nd

Zach Farmer

Luis Acosta


De La Salle, 3rd

Tereza Kramer

Leora Mosman


De La Salle, 4th

Tereza Kramer

Siena Lococo


Justin, 1st

Joseph Drexler-Dreis

Koby Aliphios


Justin, 2nd

Joseph Drexler-Dreis

Jasmine Sindico


Mitty, 1st

Cesar Ramos

Ted Datanagan


Mitty, 2nd

Alice Baldridge 

Emily Sanchez



Bldg. / Floor

Resident Director

Resident Advisor


Ageno West

Br. Mel Anderson

Matthew Chu


Ageno East

Evette Castillo Clark

Rahmon Rahimi



Desiree Anderson

Nic Pezzola



Michael Geraghty

Tina Shubat


Guerrieri West

Nick van Santen

Savannah Mattox


Guerrieri East

Jim Sciuto

Courtney Martin



Br. Michael Murphy

Rob Gonzalez



Chelsea K. Ostebo

Kayla Duffey