Meet the Staff

The Office of Residential Experience houses the Associate Dean of Students, Lead Residential Coordinator and the First Year Experience Residential Coordinaotor, as well as a team of student workers. Please feel free to call us or visit our office during Monday-Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and we will be glad to assist you.

Jim Sciuto, Associate Dean of Students

Jim graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Saint Mary’s College in the class of 2000 and obtained his Master's Degree of Education from the University of San Francisco in the class of 2009. He is also the current Resident Director of Guerrieri East Hall.


Our Student Workers




Olivia Brophy

Hometown: Granite Bay, CA

Major: Double Major with Global Regional Studies and Spanish, and a Minor in Anthropology

Class Year: Class of 2019

Other Campus Involvement: RA of Beckett Hall, GaelForce, Honors Program

Fun Fact: Every summer she and her friends have a "Potter-thon" where they watch all 8 Harry Potter movies (It takes 19.5 hours!)


Symone Williams

Hometown: Fairfield, Ca

Major:Double Major in Justice, Community, Leadership & Sociology with a minor in Theology

Class Year: Class of 2019

Other Campus Involvement: Vice Chair of the Class of 2019, Guyette Leadership Fellow, BSU Executive Team Member-Diversity Organization Council Representative

Fun Fact: Her eyelashes are naturally curly!


Cary Feldman

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Major:Global & Regional Studies: Europe, with a minor in Politics 

Class Year: Class of 2019

Other Campus Involvement: Academic Honor Council

Fun Fact: He played the flute throughout elementary and high school. 


Alex Gonzalez

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Major: Undeclared

Class Year: Class of 2020

Other Campus Involvement: 

Fun Fact: She once tore her ACL


Chantal Marie Ysip

Hometown: Pittsburg, CA

Major: Justice, Community, Leadership, with a minor in Law & Society

Class Year: Class of 2019

Other Campus Involvement: Social Media Ambassador for the Intercultural Center, Network Technician for IT Services

Fun Fact: She can move her ears. 


Kimberly Paschal

Hometown: Tracy, CA

Major: Accounting

Class Year: Class of 2018

Other Campus Involvement: Resident Advisor in Assumption Hall, Student Ambassador in Office of Admissions, Sports Editor for The Collegian

Fun Fact: She went to DisneyWorld for the first time this summer!


Alejandra Rivas

Hometown: West Covina, CA

Major: Theatre Performance Studies, with a minor in Psychology

Class Year: Class of 2019

Other Campus Involvement: WoWie, Orientation Leader, KSMC Executive Team, Honors Program

Fun Fact: She is a big foodie and will try any food once!


Caitlin Wayland

Hometown: Rohnert Park, Ca

Major: Allied Health Science

Class Year: Class of 2020

Other Campus Involvement: Women's Rugby and Sports Band

Fun Fact: She's the only person in her family born in California!


Nolan Brophy 

Hometown: Granite Bay, Ca

Major: Accounting

Class Year: Class of 2020

Other Campus Involvement: Men's Rugby

Fun Fact: Capybaras are the world's largest rodent.