Before leaving the residence halls, please be sure to follow critical deadlines and check-out procedures.  If you are unsure of what to do for moving out, please speak with contact the Campus Housing Office.


Cleaning Your Room

You should leave your room as you found it at the beginning of the summer term.  Please dispose of any items you do not want to keep in trash bags or recycling bins. Once you have filled the bags, you may leave them outside your door in the hallway and the custodial staff will collect them or dispose of them in dumpsters or trash receptacles located near your residence hall.

Move Out Fees

Students may be charged fees for the following:

  • Late Check Out
  • Improper Check Out - failure to schedule a Check Out with your Resident Advisor or the Campus Housing Office.
  • Failure to remove all personal items from the room, including food, furniture, books, clothing, bedding, etc. 
  • Missing phone and/or cable equipment.
  • Missing keys
  • Excessive trash removal


Saint Mary's College has developed partnerships local self-storage partners who offer services and discounts to Saint Mary's College students interested in storing their belongings over the summer break.

Post Office / Mail Forwarding (End of the year only)

  • Spring Move-Out / Fall Return: Resident undergraduate students moving out of the halls at the end of spring semester and returning in the fall, are able to keep their PMB Key over the summer. However, the Post Office will not be forwarding mail to students, unless you submit a Temporary Forwarding Form and pay the fee to the Post Office before checking out of the residence halls in May. The Post Office will keep all mail sent to students who do not fill out the Temporary Forwarding Form.
  • Spring Move-Out / No Return:  Residents moving off campus in May who are not returning to live on campus in the fall need to submit a Permanent Forwarding Form and their P.O. Box keys to the Post Office before checking out of the halls in May.
  • Summer Stays: Residents living on campus during the summer should make arrangements with the Post Office to keep the same P.O. Box for the summer.  Summer residents are responsible for paying the P.O. Box Service Fee from May 30th until September 1st.

The Post Office does not hold mail for students that no longer live on campus and will return all mail to sender and assess fines if the above procedures are not followed.

If all proper procedures are followed, students who return for fall should have the same P.O. Box they were assigned the semester before.  In addition it is a good idea for returning students to again submit forwarding forms in September so that mail will come to their College address rather than their summer address.