Here are some great services for Saint Mary's students:

Post Office (commonly known as Private Mail Box)

Please visit the Post Office Webpage for more information regarding mail services.


Telephone Services

Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile provide the best cell coverage to campus.


Xfinity On Campus

Campus Housing is proud to be able to provide on-campus residents with Xfinity HDTV service on Campus both streaming and coaxial service. TV sets are able to be plugged directly into the wall and then be sure to perform an auto channel scan (from the setup menu of your TV) You should use the remote that came with your TV. There is no need for an individual cable box in your room. Further information on how on auto channel scanning can be found on the FCC web site. For more information about cable visit the SMC IT Service Knowledge Base.
More channels are available by streaming online than the coaxial cable, you will also can purchase some premium channel packages as well. New this year Campus Housing and XFinity has added for free HBO on streaming devices, and later we will be adding it to the coaxial channel lineup. 
For XFinity On Campus Streaming Log into with your SMC Email ID and single sign-on password. You can download the XFinity Stream App to watch from most devices as well.


Network and Wireless services provided by IT Services

  • Campus Network wired ports (residential - by request to the IT Service Desk)
  • Network Services
  • SMC-WiFi: Wireless for students, faculty and staff
  • SMC-Guest: WIreless for guests (limited access and bandwidth)


Laundry Services

To track your laundry status or report any laundry machine issues, DOWNLOAD The CSC ServiceWorks Service Request App: If you have not downloaded the CSC ServiceWorks Service Request App from your local App Store or Google Play Store please take a second and do so!  The App is the easiest way to report an issue with the machine guess what all you do is press the SCAN BARCODE button in the app and scan the machine’s ID Tag from the front of the machine and that goes directly to our service technician! NO NEED TO CALL



For students who do not have their own vehicle, or just need a little extra time in their busy schedules, a local service, Go-Getters, deliveries groceries from East Bay Area supermarkets (and picks up dry cleaning).  Visit their website at for further details including pricing and hours of delivery.



All residents may apply for a residential parking permit from Public Safety.


Microfridge Rentals, Shipping and Storage Services and more here!