SIL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Please contact with any further questions.

As an executive team member of a club, how do I go about creating an event? 

  • For a virtual event: Start by creating an event submission on SPOT. On your organization’s page, click on “Manage Organization”. Click on the menu icon on the top left and go to “Events”. Click “Create Event” to start a new submission. Be sure to have all information ready including the date and time, online location and any instructions for logging on or registering, any funding needed, and a graphic or picture. Your SEAL will review the event submission and get back to you on next steps. Please submit any events on SPOT at least two weeks in advance.
  • For an in-person event: Start by creating an event submission on SPOT. Your SEAL will review the submission and refer it to the Director of Student Involvement & Leadership. All in-person events, whether on or off campus, must adhere to the Interim Events, Meetings, and Gatherings Policy and require approval by the Executive Policy Group (EPG). You will be contacted by SIL with next steps after your SPOT event submission is received. Please submit any events on SPOT at least two weeks in advance.


Who do I contact if I want to update my club's executive for the new school year? What if there is a change in the middle of the school year? Who do I email? 

Contact your SEAL at to have executive members updated at any time during the academic year.


How do I start a club? What are my resources if I want to start a club?

To start a new student organization, start with this link. You will need a constitution, mission statement, staff or faculty advisor, and at least two student executive members (president and treasurer). Please contact or the for more information and registration dates.


What are my resources as an executive team member of an existing club?

All student organization executive members have access to resources through SIL and AS. Check the Student Organizations page for current resources on events. The Associated Students page contains information on finances. Each club is also assigned a Student Engagement & Activity Leader (SEAL), who you can find here, that serves as a peer advisor on all things related to running your organization.


What forms do I have to fill out if I want to request money for an event? 

With the waiving of the student activity fee for the fall 2020 semester, there are no allocated budgets for student organizations. To request funding for an event, fill out the Programming Fund Request on SPOT. From the main page, click on “Forms” and then start a new submission for the Programming Fund Request. Please ensure there is already an event submission on SPOT and turn in your programming fund request by Friday at 4:30PM to be considered by the Finance Committee the following Monday.


Who do I talk to if there is conflict amongst my club executive team? 

The staff or faculty advisor serves as a guide for your organization, including interpersonal conflicts.


What are the guidelines I give to my club intern once I leave Saint Mary’s? 

Make sure to have interns meet with your SEAL, have a final meeting with interns to pass off any documentation on specific roles as well as any other information, and during the year, have interns plan selected events with the current executive team. It is best to keep the interns informed about the responsibilities of the specific role they are interested in. Have interns meet with you and a different executive team member that works closest with the specific role they are interested in. Make sure to have them attend any club leadership meetings, and do your best to leave them with the most knowledge and experience with the club as you can. 


What is the difference between CILSA and SIL? What does each do? 

CILSA (Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action), is a part of academic affairs. Students connect with CILSA when they are taking a class that has a community engagement component. Students involved with CILSA work towards creating community engagement inspired by Catholic Lasallian traditions. 

Whereas SIL is a part of Student Life. SIL (Student Involvement and Leadership) promotes student engagement through student led events and clubs, outside of the academic classroom.  Both CILSA and SIL promote student leadership and community development, but in different ways. 


What do students involved in Associated Students do for Saint Mary’s? 

Associated Students (AS) is the undergraduate student government at Saint Mary’s College of California. AS represents the student body and serves to amplify the student voice in decisions at SMC as well as represents students to the administration. AS is composed of the Executive Council and the Senate. Please refer to the AS website to find your senators, the current senate meeting schedule, as well as current and previous resolutions and projects.


How do I become involved in Student Involvement and Leadership? Who do I contact? Where do I look to apply? 

There are plenty of ways to be involved with our department, listed below are a few: