GaeLEAD - Student Leadership

The goal of GaeLEAD is to develop, mentor, and engage student leaders in ways that nurture personal growth as they lead, serve, and empower others during and beyond their Saint Mary’s experience.

A student leader...

  • mentors and serves as a role model for other students and community members.

  • creates positive change and provides service to the campus and surrounding community.

  • reflects the mission and values of the institution and demonstrates integrity.

  • fosters an inclusive environment, seeks to collaborate, and engages in self reflection.

  • participates in a selection process, training and can be in a paid or unpaid leadership position.

Participating Opportunities

To apply for the following leadership opportunities, please click here.

Questions or Concerns? Direct your questions to the hiring manager for each area:



Contact Student Involvement and Leadership at or 925-631-4852 with any general questions or concerns.