The Senate serves as liaisons on behalf of the undergraduate student body to create positive campus-wide change by attending to the student needs, promoting clubs and organizations, and collaborating with the students and administration. The Senate is composed of one Chair, one Vice Chair, and three Senators from each class.

Class of 2019




AlexisChair: Alexis Bustamante

Major: Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience

Initiatives: Continue the conversations around End the Silence and work on planning Senior Week.

Fun Fact: I have never broken a bone.



KimVice Chair: Kim Nguyen

Major:  Business Administration with a double concentration in Finance and Data Analytics

Initiatives: My goal this year is to work towards making sure that students feel safe and comfortable on campus.

Fun Fact: I can't swim and giraffes are my favorite animal.




Senator: Danielle Bourque

Major: Kinesiology - Health and Human Performance

Initiatives: Filling the gap that is between Students and Admin/Faculty/Staff

Fun Fact: I went to Portugal to shadow surgeons this past summer.





Senator: Colleen Garrecht-Connelly

Major:  Biology 

Initiatives: My focus is senior week and creating more of a bridge between the student body and AS representatives.

Fun Fact: I am a twin and I love telling stories!




NathanielSenator: Nathaniel Panis

Major: Business Administration with a concentration of Finance and Entrepreuneurship

Initiatives: My goal is to positively publicize Associated Students to the extent that they are known campus wide. I understand that it is a tall order, but I am extremely passionate about it!

Fun Fact: I ate a whole box of eggos in one sitting.



Class of 2020




Chair: Tom Muyunga-Mukasa

Major: Politics

Initiatives: I campaigned on a platform of "Inform, Involve and Integrate." The 3 I's, arose as a result of working as a dishwasher and new students would ask me what I would call acculturation guidance questions. So, by 2019 I shall have been a catalyst for a more involved and informed student participation in SMC Collegiate activities.

Fun Fact: I was amazed that the deers in the Northern Hemisphere have adapted so well to the four seasons! This amazes me because I am interested in botany and zoology.



Vice Chair: Deja Hermosillo

Major: Biology and History

Initiatives: This year I would like to create a more inclusive and sustainable environment at Saint Mary's College for all students to feel welcome.

Fun Fact: I write songs and perform them in the shower.




Senator: Onuva Chowdhurry

Major: Environmental Studies

Initiatives: Sustainability and improving parking for commuter students.

Fun Fact: I know how to knit!






Senator: Hannah Bailey

Major: Business Administration Marketing

Initiatives:  This year in AS I would like to reach out to the student body and create more of a community feeling through SIL.

Fun Fact: My dream job would be to work at the National Archives in Washington D.C.




Senator: Daniel McCarthy

Major: History

Initiatives: My AS initiative for the year is to create events to bring the class of 2020 back on campus.

Fun Fact: I hate mayonnaise to the point I wrote an essay about it in high school.




Class of 2021




Chair: Annika Oledan

Major: Business Administration with a Double Concentration in Business Analytics and Big Data; Digital Media

Initiatives: Available parking on-campus and fees, student concerns with on-campus food options, and AS Awareness across campus

Fun Fact: I play the guitar!




Vice Chair: Drew Holt
Major: Business Administration: Concentrating in Marketing and Business Analytics

Initiatives: Gather more student feedback about what things are working well and/or want improvements they would like to see on campus in the future.

Fun Fact: I play on an intramural flag football team on campus.




Senator: Emily O'Neill

Major: Biology

Initiatives: Incorporate more of the students into events on campus

Favorite Class: Seminar 2 with Sue Martson because she is one of the nicest professors at SMC and made the class a really safe learning environment and used to bring us snacks!





Senator: Chris Harris

Major: Politics

Initiatives: I am working to promote and expand sexual assault awareness and increase the quality of resources on campus for those affected. Also, I am working to ensure a safer environment for students staff and faculty by developing disaster preparedness drills and procedures.

Fun Fact: I'm colorblind!




Senator: Clarissa Mongcupa


Major: Allied Health Science

Initiatives: Gluten/Dairy/Allergen Free Area for Oliver // On-Campus Parking

Fun Fact: English is not my first language.




Class of 2022




Chair: Meagan Beauchamp

Major: Business Administration and Mathematics

Initiatives: To make Saint Mary's a more inclusive community, to encourage participation from all students and to have more fun events for everyone!

Fun Fact: I am also on the rugby team.





Vice Chair: Maya Patel

Major: Business and Political Science

Initiatives: To make a more inclusive community and make it a place that people are proud to be apart of.

Fun Fact: I don't know how to swim.





Senator: Ethan Mack

Major: Biology/Pre-Med Route

Initiatives: Making the SMC website more organized and addressing SMC campus issues regarding accessibility, food, and general campus life.

Fun Fact: I performed in the 2016 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as a clarinet player in the band. (Prospect Marching Knights).




Senator: Shilei Bell-Lipsey

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Initiatives: I hope to unify the class of 2022 and create conversations and focuses around intersectionality.

Fun Fact: I am from Wisconsin, and yes I like cheese.





Senator: Anahi Torres

Major: Business Administration - Finance Concentration

Initiatives: I hope to put on many things that haven't been seen too much before, get to know more people in my class personally so that I am able to really serve as a representative for them, and really promote a fun and safe Saint Mary's environment.

Fun Fact: I'm a huge sports fan; I love the 49ers and the Warriors. I also happen to be double-jointed, so I can make my arm twist around and stuff.