Summer 2018

Poster Presentations by the School of Science Summer Research Program Participants

Katherine Anderson

Investigation of PTSD treatment approaches in relation to recent APA guidelines

Mentor: Dr. Mark Barajas (Psychology)


Ray Childers

The singlet glycine riboswitch, its relationship to the tandem glycine riboswitch, and mutational analysis of the singlet glycine riboswitch

Mentor: Dr. Karen Ruff (Biochemistry)


Connor Christensen

Elucidating effects of the conformation change of neurolysin using stopped-flow fluorescence spectrophotometry

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Sigman (Biochemistry)


Charles Crockett

Investigating ways to calibrate eye data in facial emotion detection

Mentor: Dr. Nada Attar (Math & Computer Science)


Kirsti Dunckel

Tyrosinase inhibitor impacts reproductive behaviors, androgens, and corticosteroids in male coast range fence lizards (sceloporus occidentalis bocourtii)

Mentor: Dr. David Chambers (Biology)


Caroline Fogel

Modeling and 3D-printing fractal structures of trees

Mentor: Dr. Kristen Beck (Math)


Megan Hackleman

Synthesis of alkylresorcinols as potential tyrosinase inhibitors

Mentor: Dr. Valerie Burke (Chemistry)


Ariana Hofelmann

Joining the TESS exoplanet follow-up observing program

Mentor: Dr. Brian Hill (Physics & Astronomy)


Megan Holt

First alternate #2 synthesis of alkylresorcinols as potential tyrosinase inhibitors

Mentor: Dr. Valerie Burke (Chemistry)


Lexi Luong

Targeting closely related strains in microbial communities

Mentor: Dr. James Berleman (Biology)


James Morris

California newt feeding ecology in times of extreme weather

Mentor: Dr. Michael Marchetti (Biology)


Andrea Padilla

Evaluating a fair redistricting method

Mentor: Dr. Ellen Veomett (Math)


Darya Poliyenko

Surface ozone levels at remote Sierra Nevada sites: Impact on flora determined by exposure indices

Mentor: Dr. Joel Burley (Chemistry)


Zlatas Serebnitskiy

Mentor: Dr. James Berleman (Biology)


Tobin Shea

Second alternate #1 analysis of photo-responsive properties in a liquid crystal elastomer platform

Mentor: Dr. Zuleikha Kurji (Chemistry)


Maya Szafraniec

Investigation of the relationship between scapula shape and altitude in Eastern gorillas (gorilla beringei)

Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Jabbour (Biology)


Mark Ray Trani

Second alternate #3 proposal for thermodynamic analysis of neurolysin by isothermal titration calorimetry

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Sigman (Biochemistry)


Allison Uba

Ozone concentrations in Sierra Nevada and White Mountains: Where is the O3 coming from?

Mentor: Dr. Joel Burley (Chemistry)


Dana Weinert

Varying glycine concentrations inside E. coli to analyze mutant glycine riboswitches

Mentor: Dr. Karen Ruff (Biochemistry)


Ashley Woodyard

Synthesis and optimization of a photoresponsive liquid crystal elastomer material

Mentor: Dr. Zuleikha Kurji (Chemistry)