LAB Partners & Sponsors

A laboratory for life after graduation. A bridge from the Liberal Arts to a meaningful professional life. A Liberal Arts Bridge to the first job, the next thing, and the future.


Internal Partners

LAB was developed by a task force of diverse campus constituents, in consultation with alumni, parents, and employers. The LAB Task Force, co-chaired by the Dean and the LAB Coordinator, and includes representatives from Career and Professional Development Services (CPDS), School of Liberal Arts (SOLA) faculty, the Student Success Office, the Advising Office, Advancement (Development and Alumni Relations), and the Women’s Resource Center. We administered surveys and consulted with students, alumni, and employers, and conducted extensive research on career development programs and the liberal arts nationally.


External Partners & Sponsors

The Dean’s Advisory Board for the School of Liberal Arts is currently focusing its advisory and philanthropic efforts on the LAB program. If the new LAB program excites you, we welcome your engagement and contribution - as a participant in any aspect of the programming or as a donor or corporate sponsor. For more information or a conversation about LAB or any of the other activities in the School of Liberal Arts, contact or call 937-631-4145.