Alumna Highlight: Anne Beech, MBA '19

"I truly appreciated my time at SMC. I learned to be a stronger and more confident leader and how to balance, prioritize, and handle a variety of complex situations".

Anne Beech, MBA '19

Director, Regulatory Compliance and Investigations - Electric Ops
Pacific Gas & Electric


Anne, who has worked for 20+ years at PG&E, was born in San Francisco, raised in the Bay Area, and moved to the East Bay when she and her husband started their family.  A first-generation Filipina, raised by both parents, she learned hard work and sacrifice from an early age - watching her parents work as full-time accountants, as well as  alternating second jobs and/or night shifts over 15+ years to ensure they could cover their children’s educational costs and household bills.  

During college, she worked a number of jobs to help cover her school and living expenses - from sales to banking, accounting and even working in the SFSU bookstore, Anne’s work ethic played a huge role in her journey. Her career at PG&E began right after graduation from college, exploring various accounting departments through their College Rotation Program.  Again, her exemplary work ethic came into play, as she took on additional jobs on top of her full-time job at PG&E to pay down her college loan debts and save for a down payment on her first house. Over time they were able to upgrade to a larger house and retain their first as an investment property. 

Anne has held various positions during her time at PG&E including roles in Accounting, Audit, Finance, Investment Planning, Process Excellence, Regulatory Compliance, Quality Management, and Governance and Analytics.  She’s worked across several organizations, including Controller's Organization, Internal Audit, Customer Care, Gas Operations and Electric Operations.  Currently, Anne is the Director of Compliance and Investigations in Electric Operations (EO), overseeing (3) key areas - Compliance, Data Response Unit (DRU), and Investigations.  

Tragically, in late 2018, Anne’s father was diagnosed with cancer and found it had spread throughout his body. His guidance and unwavering support, combined with the support of her husband, mother and family allowed her to successfully complete her studies. He was able to witness her complete her final class but unfortunately did not make it to her graduation.