Upcoming Exhibitions


Summer/Fall 2019


Kal SpelletichSignificance Machines and Purposeful Robots

July 25 through December 8, 2019

Opening Reception: September 5, 2019 

Combining art and mysticism with the rigors of science and technology, Spelletich's work explores the interface of humans and robots, using technology to put people back in touch with real-life experiences. His work is interactive, requiring participants to enter or operate his pieces, often against their instincts of self-preservation. He probes the boundaries between fear, control, and exhilaration.


New Formalism in Painting and Photography

July 25 through December 8, 2019

Opening Reception: September 5, 2019 

R & D, the collaborative team of Diane Rosenblum and Joe Doyle, began with a series of prints about the seduction of military materials. Recently, the duo started a new project looking at the architectural theory of Parametricism through painting, melding hard edge abstraction with 3D computer modeling. In an exploratory phase, their latest work pushes the aesthetics of painting into new territory, speaking to the cultural increase and reliance upon computers. 


Spring 2020 


Signs of Times: The Great American Political Poster, 1844 - 2012

February 6 through May 2, 2020


Nexus: Student Art Exhibition

April through June 2020

Join us for a senior group exhibition in printmaking, painting, sculpture, digital art, and photography. Opening reception to celebrate graduating seniors of art practice. Co-sponsored by the Department of Art and Art History.



Fall 2020 


Kari Marboe & William Keith

September through December 2020


Women From the Permanent Collection

September 2020 through June 2021

This exhibition will be the first comprehensive show featuring women artists' in the Saint Mary's College Museum of Art Permanent Collection. 


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