Saint Mary’s Supersedes Adversity in Sacramento

Dillon Valadez ‘10

3/1/2009 (Sacramento, CA)-- Have you ever wanted to know what happens when an unstoppable force hits an unmovable object? If you were present at the Saint Mary’s and Sacramento State games over the weekend, you would know. The back to back series between SMC (the unstoppable force) and Sacramento (the unmovable object) ended in a steadfast split 1-1.

Having lost earlier this year to Sacramento, Saint Mary’s was prepared for a tough couple of games. “Armed with a new head coach, Rick Cullar, we looked like a new team,” explained Alex Nunally.  “Saturday and Sunday’s match up both went to five games, showing how much we have improved and how evenly the teams were matched.” In particular, Abby Wik, Ana Carrasco, and Alex Nunnally stood out as Saint Mary’s key players over the weekend.

The team is currently preparing for upcoming matches with UC Davis I & II and Nevada- Reno.