Registration for Fall Classes Opens Monday, April 19!

Students Take Note!

Registration for fall term 2021 begins Monday, April 19!



Registration will take place for:

Seniors = Monday, 4/19

Juniors = Tuesday, 4/20

Sophomores = Wednesday, 4/21

Freshmen = Thursday, 4/22

Make sure you meet with your advisor and receive approval prior to your registration time. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to register.

Advising period: 4/6–4/16

Please check GaelXpress for holds (i.e., from the Business Office, Health Center, Registrar, etc.) as this will prevent you from registering for classes. Once logged into GaelXpress, this section can be found under Registration > My Holds and Approvals.

Tableau: Use this searchable database of fall 2021 courses to find courses by program, Core Curriculum requirement, level, modality, or schedule. Please note that this is for informational purposes only, so you will still need to find your selected courses in GaelXpress and add them to your registration basket before your registration time. All course information can also be found on GaelXpress.

Bolstered by our successes this year and the positive public health outlook, we are planning to offer primarily in-person classes, student services, and social activities in the fall. As we continue to monitor and adapt to changing public health conditions, course modalities will remain subject to change. 

For students who anticipate needing to attend courses remotely in the fall, we understand and will endeavor to meet each student’s needs. If you have reason to believe that you will continue to need to attend courses remotely in the fall, please fill out this brief form. While we cannot promise that the specific courses you seek will be available remotely, we will follow up to provide options for you to continue to make progress toward graduation. 

Class standing determination: 

Senior: 27.00+ courses completed

Junior: 18.00–26.99 courses completed

Sophomore: 9.00–17.99 courses completed

Freshmen: 0.00–8.99 credits completed

Questions? Contact Financial Aid at 925-631-4370 |; the  Business Office at 925-631-4209 |; Health Center: 925-631-4254 |