Ever wonder about the political conflicts facing our world and how we should address them? Or how globalization is changing our world?  Or about the best system of government? Or what to do about questions of race, gender, class, or sexual orientation?

The Department of Politics invites students to explore these and other topics by analyzing political thought, political institutions, and political action. Politics majors explore enduring questions about freedom, justice, equality, and democracy. They learn about conflict and cooperation, not only between individuals and governments but also among governments themselves. They gain insight into public affairs, and they develop conceptual, analytical, and communication skills that will last long after graduation.

The Department offers courses in four major subfields of politics: American politics, Political Theory, International Relations, and Comparative Politics. We also want to convey to our students a sense of civic responsibility by providing them with opportunities for experiential learning outside the classroom. Consistent with the College’s mission, the Politics curriculum is concerned with issues of peace, social justice, and the common good, both at home and abroad.

Our graduates enjoy success in government, law, journalism, teaching, labor, and a wide array of public and private sector organizations. The study of politics prepares students for graduate studies in law, public policy, public administration, international relations, and political science. Whatever they do, our graduates are prepared to be responsible members of the communities in which they live, learn, and work.