Priyanka Shrivastava

Priyanka Shrivastava


Professional Overview: 

I possess more than 11 years of progressive experience that span across teaching core marketing subjects, research, consulting and leadership. I have won several awards for excellence in experiential teaching. I utilize every opportunity to grow and develop young minds and enjoy working with diverse student groups. I am a passionate researcher and consider research as a natural extension to my teaching. Researching on real world business problems and evolving marketing concepts enables me to share practical applications with my students and broaden their perspective. I have published empirical papers in leading international journals based on modelling and analysis of primary data, developed strategies and consulted companies on customer relationship management. My current teaching and research interests include integrated world of social media and digital environment, Marketing analytics and business in the digital age. I have expertise on multiple statistical tools, including SAS, STATA, R, Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) and SPSS.

I have held several leadership roles that include serving as a member of Board of Studies at the Symbiosis International University (SIU), designing new programs, establishing entrepreneurship development cell, leading accreditations and social responsibility initiatives for the institutes and university.

I enjoy working and collaborating in a multicultural and diverse environment, and view teaching as the most important and enjoyable part of my journey as a faculty member.  Outside of work, I am passionate about providing quality education to under privileged children. For this cause, I am associated with Art of Living Foundations and teach Maths and Yoga to kids with special needs.

School of Economics and Business Administration » Marketing and Communications
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