Ellen Veomett


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Contact Information: 

Galileo Hall - 101A

Phone: (925) 631-8302
Email: erv2@stmarys-ca.edu
Mail: PMB 3517, Moraga, CA  94575


  • Ph.D. University of Michigan, 2007
  • B.S. University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2002

Professional Experience

Professional Experience:

  • Associate Professor - Saint Mary's College of California (2013-present)
  • Assistant Professor - Saint Mary's College of California (2011-2013)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor - University of Nebraska, Lincoln (June 2010 - July 2010)
    Early-Career Faculty Member for the IMMERSE program
  • Assistant Professor - Cal State University East Bay (2007 - 2011)



  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow - University of Michigan (August 2002)
  • VIGRE Fellow - University of Michigan (August 2002)

Courses Taught

Recently Taught:

  • Math 113 (Probability and Statistics)
  • Math 120 (Linear Algebra with Applications)
  • Jan 151: Math in the City: California Prison Realignment



  • Guest Editor of Annals of Combintaorics, celebrating 10 years of BAD Math
    (October 2010 - 2012)


  • Bay Area Discrete Math Day Organizing Committee
    (October 2007 - Present)

Saint Mary's Service:

  • Director of Math Games Program
    (January 01, 2012 - Present)
    Saint Mary's students work with College Track students, teaching them mathematical games and helping them prepare for the math portion of the ACTs. The Saint Mary's students get experience in designing curriculum and teaching high school students, while the College Track students gain more mathematical confidence and skills. After those 10 weeks, the SMDP students visit our campus for a day of competition and fun.
  • Chair of Undergraduate Educational Policies Committee (2018-19)
  • Vice-chair of Undergraduate Educational Policies Committee (2017-18)
  • Administrative Department Review Committee
    (2016 - present)
  • Artistic Understanding Working Group
    (2011 - 2014)


A Selection of Recent Presentations

  • The Efficiency Gap, Voter Turnout, and the Efficiency Principle
    Metric Geometry Gerrymandering Group, Geometry of Redistricting Workshop, University of San Francisco (March 2018)
  • A General Method to Determine Limiting Optimal Shapes for Edge-Isoperimetric Inequalities
    AMS Special Session on Combinatorics and Geometry, Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego  (January 2018)
  • Coloring Geometrically Defined Graphs.  
    Sonoma State Math Department Colloquium  (September 2016)
  • Coloring Geometrically Defined Graphs
    San Jose State Math Department Colloquium  (April 2016)
  • The Edge Isoperimetric Inequality for a graph on Z^n. 
    Boise State Algebra/Geometry/Cryptography Seminar  (April 2016)
  • Coloring Geometrically Defined Graphs
    Boise State Math Department Colloquium  (April 2016)
  • On Coloring Box Graphs
    AMS Sectional Meeting, Special Session on Polyhedral Number Theory, San Francisco State University  (October 2014)



Peer-Reviewed Research Publications:

  • Veomett, E., 2018.  "The Efficiency Gap, Voter Turnout, and The Efficiency Principle", to appear in Election Law Journal
  • Veomett, E., with E. Tsukerman, 2017.  "Brunn-Minkowski Theory and Cauchy’s Surface Area Formula", The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 124, No. 10, pp. 922-929
  • Veomett, E., with E. Tsukerman, 2017.  "A General Method to Determine Limiting Optimal Shapes for Edge-Isoperimetric Inequalities", The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 24(1), #P1.26
  • Veomett, E., with E. Hogan, J. O'Rourke, and C. Traub, 2015.  "On Coloring Box Graphs", Discrete Mathematics, vol. 338, issue 2, pg.208-216
  • Veomett, E. and Radcliffe, A.J. 2012. "Vertex Isoperimetric Inequalities for a Family of Graphs on Z^k", The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, vol. 19, issue 2, pg.#P45
  • Veomett, E. and Wildrick, K. 2010. "Spaces of Small Metric Cotype", Journal of Topology and Analysis, vol. 2, issue 4, pg.581-597
  • Veomett, E. and Barvinok, A. 2008. "The Computational Complexity of Convex Bodies", Surveys on Discrete and Computational Geometry, Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 453, pg.117-137
  • Veomett, E. 2007. "A Positive Semidefinite Approximation of the Traveling Salesman Polytope", Discrete and Computational Geometry, vol. 38, pg.15-28


Teaching Articles:

  • Veomett, E. “An IMMERSE-style Course Brings a Research Experience to Students and Faculty”  Notices of the AMS, Vol. 59 No. 9, (October 2012), p. 1237-1241


  • Veomett, E. "Does Math Help with Addition?," Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Volume 8 Issue 2 (July 2018), pages 149-153.

Honors, Awards & Grants


Caminos a las Ciencias: Pathways to Science 2016-2021
Co-PI on a
$2.7 million Hispanic Serving Institutions Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (HSI STEM) and Articulation program grant from the U.S. Department of Education (DOE). This grant funds a a new strategic initiative designed to significantly enhance and expand the curriculum and resources offered to Saint Marys Hispanic and low- income students.


Scholarly Interests: 


  • The Geometry of Redistricting
    I am interested in using mathematics to improve and support our democracy.  I have done research on the Efficiency Gap and Declination, and am working on projects relating to other metrics intended to detect gerrymandering and the discrete geometry involved in redistricting.
  • Discrete Geometry and Metric Geometry
    I like to study topics which involve aspects of Combinatorics, Geometry, and Analysis. My research has included approximations of convex bodies, the cotype of metric spaces, discrete isoperimetric inequalities, and graph coloring. 
  • Outreach
    I am interested in bringing the beauty and might of mathematics to any and all. This includes everyone from traditionally underrepresented groups in mathematics, to the general populace, to those already on a mathematical journey.  Examples of my work/interest in this area include the Saint Mary's Math Games program and a statistics course I recently taught focused on analyzing data on California Prison Realignment