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Sichel - 103A

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Professional Experience

GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY, Department of Biology, Allendale, Michigan    9/03–6/04: Adjunct Instructor: Taught Biology 2, Biology of People, lecture and laboratory

GRAND RAPIDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Department of Biology, Grand Rapids, MI    9/97–6/98: Instructor: Taught Botany, Genetics and General Biology. Each class also had a laboratory component. Involved in the rewrite of the General Biology Laboratory manual.

GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY, Department of Biology, Allendale, Michigan    8/95–8/97: Visiting Assistant Professor: Designed university courses integrating different academic disciplines, computer-assisted teaching, training in multiple intelligences and learning. Advocate for “at-risk” students and those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Panelist for the GVSU School of Education symposium  “Teaching Adults with ADHD” and member of the Project ACCESS Advisory Board at GVSU.

YALE UNIVERSITY, Department of Biology, New Haven, Connecticut    3/94–3/95: Brown Post-Doctoral Fellow/Associate: Studied molecular biology of the Beet Curly Top Virus for use as a shuttle vector to create transgenic maize plants.


System Administrator                12/08—9/10
Pixel Corps, San Francisco, California    

IT Administrator                    2/06—10/08
Biggs|Gilmore Communications, Kalamazoo, Michigan    

Consultant                    7/03—2/06
Salient Technologies, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan    

Digital Wrangler                    7/02—7/05
Talo Associates, Zeeland, Michigan    

Chief Information Officer            5/99—7/02
The Michigan Technic Corporation, Holland, Michigan

Macintosh Support Specialist            11/97—5/99
AMS Computer Stores, Grand Rapids, Michigan

High School Science Teacher (Long-term Substitute)    3/95—6/95
Madison Public Schools, Madison, Connecticut 

Chemist                    9/85—9/86
ICN Pharmaceuticals, Radionuclide Division, Irvine, California

Courses Taught

Recently Taught:

  • Anth 011 Archaeological Methods
  • Anth 135 Ethnobotany
  • Bio 1 Laboratory
  • Biology 105 Genetics
  • Biology 125 General Ecology
  • Biology 51 Laboratory
  • Jan Term - Coffee vs. Tea
  • Jan Term - Maize and Culture

Regularly Taught:

  • Bio 1 Laboratory
  • Bio 105 Genetics


  • President's Committee on Sustainability
  • FYAC Advising
  • Pre-enrollment Data Manager


Talo, A., A. D. Santangelo, R. Baggett, and M. Herrmann. 2001. Requirements, Verification, and Compliance Document for STEP-AIRSEDS. NASA–Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL. Document ID: TMTC-SA-PB-SYSREQv2.0, Contract No.: NAS8-99150.

Talo, A., C. R. Spray, D. A. Somers, C. M. Donovan, P. Gaskin, J. MacMillan, and B. O. Phinney. 1995. Endogenous gibberellin from callus cultures of maize. Phytochemistry 40(1):11-15.

Talo, A., 1994 The Biochemistry and Physiology of Gibberellins in friable callus cultures of Zea mays. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of California, Los Angeles.

Active Research Projects

Mistletoe Diversity, Parasite-Host Relationships

  • Contra Costa County, Klein Karoo Nature Preserve, SA

Gibberellin Biochemistry and Physiology

Maize gene expression in Sorghum and Taro


Scholarly Interests: 


  • Propagation of orchid, succulents, and carnivorous plants
  • In vitro propagation
  • Phylogenetics
  • Plant Developmental Biology
  • Plant Secondary Chemistry
Pedagogical Interests: 

Mastery Learning

Personal Interests: 
  • Baseball and Fantasy Football