Margaret Field, Emeritus

Margaret Field, Emeritus


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School of Science » Biology
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Brousseau Hall - 206

Phone: 4450
Fax: 376-4027
Mail: P.O. Box 4507


  • Ph.D. Physiology, University of Louisville, School of Medicine, Louisville, KY, 1981
  • A.B. Physiology, University of California, Berkeley, CA, 1977

Professional Experience

Teaching Experience:

  • Visiting Associate Professor - Samuel Merritt College Summitt Medical Center, 370 Hawthorne Avenue Oakland, CA (1991 - 1994)
    Systems and Change - N101; Pathophysiology - N035, PT 262
  • Associate Professor, Department of Biology - Saint Mary's College of California (1985 - Present)
    Human Physiology - Lecture and Laboratory; Systemic Physiology - Lecture and Laboratory; Majors Biology - Laboratory; Non-Majors Biology - Laboratory
  • Lecturer, Department of Biology - California State University, Hayward, CA (1985 - 1989)
    Medical Physiology; General Biology
  • Guest Lectures, Pathobiochemistry - University of California, School of Medicine, San Francisco (1983)
  • University of Louisville, Schools of Medicine and Dentistry
    Didactic and Laboratory: Cardiovascular Physiology, Pulmonary Physiology, Renal Physiology
  • College of Alameda
    Reproductive Physiology (Human Sexuality); Anatomy, Lecture and Laboratory
  • Laney College
    Human Physiology, Lecture and Laboratory; General Biology


  • University Fellowship - University of Louisville, School of Medicine (1977)
    Academic Honors (1977-1981)

Courses Taught

Recently Taught:

  • Biology of Women (bio 088, ws 088)
  • Cell and Molecular Biology (bio 92)
  • Human Physiology (bio 25)
  • Medical Ethics (RS 108)
  • Systemic Physiology (bio 127)


Community Service:

  • Subject Area Coordinator - Health Professional Films
    (1988 - 1992)
  • California Academic Partnership Program
    (1987 - 1990)
  • National Education Film Festival Judge
    (1986 - 1987)
  • Board of Directors American Red Cross, Hayward Branch
    (1985 - 1988)

Current Commitee Work:

  • Committee on Animal Welfare
    (1995 - Present)
  • Committee on Human Research
    (1994 - Present)
    Developed procedures and protocols for human research
  • Student Health Committee
    (1987 - 1993)


  • Post Doctoral Fellowship Cancer Research Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley NIH. National Research Service Award
    (1981 - 1984)


  • Field, M.F., Unemori, C.N., Palmer, S., Hamamoto, S.T. and Pitelka, D.R. 1987. Biochemical and histochemical characterization and localization of glycosaminoglycans in Balb/ cf C3H Normal and Malignant Mammary Gland, Brit. J. Cancer
  • Rand, R., Eggerding, F., Field, M.F., DenBenstin, L., King, W. and Camici, S. 1985. Cryolumpectomy for breast cancer: An experimental study, J. Cryobiology, issue 22, pg.307-318
  • Pitelka, D.R., Unemori, E.N., Field, M.F., Hamamoto, S.T. and Palmer, S.L. 1983. Cell-cell and cell-stromal interactions in metastasis, Understanding Breast Cancer Clinical and Laboratory Concepts, eds. Rich, M.A.Hager, J.C.Furmanske, P., Marcel Dekker
  • Field, M.F., Unemori, E.N. and Pitelka, D.R. 1983. Biochemical and histochemical characterization and localization of glycosaminoglycans in BALB/cf C3H normal and neoplastic mammary gland, Proc. 36th Ann. Symp. Fundamental Cancer Research
  • Pitelka, D.R., Unemori, E.N., Fisher, M.E., Hamamoto, S.T. and Palmer, S.L. 1983. Cell-cell and cell-stromal interactions in metastasis, Proc. Int'l Assoc. Breast Cancer Research
  • Field, M.F., Unemori, E.N., Palmer, S.L. and Pitelka, D.R. 1982. A comparison of glycosaminoglycans in normal and neoplastic mammary tissue, J. Cell Bio., vol. 95, issue 2, pg.2, 127
  • Harty, J., Kupchella, C.E., Fisher, M.E., Warick, R. and McAuliffe, G. 1981. Tissues and urinary glycosaminoglycans in renal cell carcinoma, Ann. Surg.
  • Fisher, M.E. and Kupchella, C.E. 1981. Antidiuretic hormone induced kidney glycosaminoglycans in the Brattleboro rat, Fed. Proc., vol. 40, issue 3, pg.554
  • Fisher, M.E. and Kupchella, C.E. 1980. A correlation between kidney papillary glycosaminoglycan levels and the ability to concentrate urine in the rat, Fed. Proc., vol. 39, issue 9, pg.949

Honors, Awards & Grants

  • Sigma Xi Research Award - University of Louisville, School of Medicine (1979)
    Academic Honors
  • Improved Undergraduate Laboratory Instruction in Physiology, $59,342 - NSF (1987)
    Principle Investigator


Scholarly Interests: 


  • Research, Scholarly, Creative Interests
    I have been studying mechanisms of metastasis in breast cancer for 20 years. I have studied both human and mouse mammary cell lines using biochemical and immunohistochemical detection of cell surface attachment factors. I like to involve undergraduate students in research as much as possible. Current research involves studying the change in thrombotic and thrombolytic factors in human plasma with age and by season.