New Professor - Mary Candace Raygoza

Mary studies and strives to develop critical and culturally relevant pedagogy

Mary Candace Raygoza is a Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Schooling and Collegium of University Teaching Fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles as well as a product of Mt. Diablo Unified schools joins the KSOE on July 1. She studies and strives to develop critical and culturally relevant pedagogy, particularly in mathematics education. Her scholarship bridges sociocultural learning theory, civic education, and sociopolitical and humanistic perspectives of mathematics to explore how teachers and students investigate real-world topics of social (in)justice in the mathematics classroom context. Mary was a founding high school mathematics teacher at an East Los Angeles public school, where she supported Algebra I students to engage in youth participatory action research (YPAR) in which they conducted original quantitative research and took action on school inequity. In a critical practitioner research study, she investigated how the mathematics classroom can develop as a beloved community to lay a foundation for transformational resistance - a form of resistance informed by a critique of oppression and motivation of social justice - and how YPAR can support students to engage in transformational resistance as they build critical mathematical literacy and positive mathematical and researcher identities. Mary wrote an article on this study published in the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education and an article published in Urban Education on a study she conducted of the commitments and challenges of a national sample of teachers who strive to teach mathematics for social justice. She teaches undergraduate students and teacher candidates at the University of California, Los Angeles and Pepperdine University, guided by Paulo Freire’s philosophy of problem-posing education and the sociocultural learning theory notion of communities of practice.