MFA in Dance: Design and Production (D&P)

The MFA in Dance: Design and Production 

 A 60-unit plan of study emphasizing four areas: Design, Production, Digital Media, and Theoretical Studies. In addition, the student will choose an emphasis in one area. Candidates are expected to complete a thesis project that embodies the chosen emphasis and a written thesis/project report that documents the process and the final product.

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Required Courses for the MFA in Dance: Design and Production: 60 units

Design (Minimum of 21 units)

  • Design Methodologies for Dance (Perfa 300), 3 units
  • Lighting Design I: Lighting design methodology and technology/electrics (Perfa 310), 2 units
  • Lighting II: Advanced Concepts in Lighting Design for Dance (Perfa 311), 2 units
  • Lighting III: Advanced Design and Practice (Perfa 312), 2 units
  • Sound I: Sound Design and Editing/Technology and Implementation (Perfa 350), 3 units
  • Costume Design I: Costume Design and Dance Costume History (Perfa 320), 3 units
  • Scenery I: Scenic and Stage Design (Perfa 330), 3 units
  • Scenery II: Construction of Dance Environments – Stagecraft & Welding (Perfa 331), 2 units
  • Special Study in Design: Student Elects a Specific Area of Design (1 unit)

Production (Minimum of 18 units)

  • Dance Stage Management (Perfa 340), 3 units
  • Dance Production Management (Perfa 341), 3 units
  • Producing I: Marketing/Grant Writing/Company Development and Structures (Perfa 342),3 units
  • Production Practicum (Perfa 394), 3 units/ 3 times for a total of 9 units

Digital Media (Minimum of 6 units)

  • Computer Drafting: AutoCad & Vectorworks (Perfa 360), 3 units
  • Digital Dance: Portfolio Building, Documentation, Photoshop and the Web (Perfa 361), 3 Units

Theoretical Studies (Minimum of 6 units)

  • Dance History Seminar (Perfa 380), 3 units

Plus a choice from one of the following:

  • Dance and Performance Studies (Perfa 381), 3 units
  • Dance and Social Justice (Perfa 382), 3 units
  • Critical Dance Pedagogy (Pefa 383), 3 units
  • Elective (3 Units)

    Students take a minimum of 3 units of elective credit in Design and Production or Creative Practice.

Elective (3 Units)

Students take a minimum of 3 units of elective credit in Design and Production or Creative Practice.

Thesis (6 units)

  • Perfa 398, 3 units/2 times equals 6 units total

Candidates admitted into this program will be selected on the following criteria:

  • Audition by portfolio in design or production
  • Undergraduate Degree in the Arts (Visual Art, Dance, Music, Theatre, etc.) or completion of minor in Dance or Theatre with similar course work, or equivalent professional experience
  • Professional goals which can be supported through the plan of study
  • Completion of all application materials

MFA applicants must complete the following prerequisite courses, or have equivalent professional experience, in order to be considered for the MFA degree.

Prerequisite Courses (or equivalent professional experience) in Design and/or Production. 

Two courses from any of the following areas:

  • Lighting Design
  • Set Design
  • Costume Design
  • Stage Management
  • Production Management