Meg Honey Takes 2017 by Storm

MegHoneyMeg Honey, KSOE alum and adjunct lecturer, was recently featured in an article addressing teaching in the East Bay in the new Trump Administration. The article highlights the new experiences Bay Area teachers face with the new Trump Administration. Honey, as quoted in the article, enjoys when "students walk through [her] door everyday and want to know if [she] has heard about" recent news. The piece demonstrates both negative and positive sides of the ongoing conversation about discussing politics within a classroom. 

Honey, a socially active teacher, acknowleges her own views but wants to make "sure [her] classroom is a safe place, including for those studnts with conservative views" and encourages  all her students to particpate in the conversation.  It is her belief that "young people are absolutley able to engage in civil discourse". As the Trump era continues to spark educational conversations, Honey brings a platform for discussion into her classroom.

It comes to no surprise that Honey was recently awarded the Mt. Diablo Unified District Teacher of the Year Award. This is her fifth year teacher at Northgate High School though she has been involved with the school for over 20 years. 

We look forward to seeing more of Meg Honey's accomplishments!