Faculty & Administration

With a maximum cohort size of 18, LEAP students enjoy the ongoing support of their group and an exceptionally high level of personal attention by the faculty and staff.  The program's director, founder,  and key administrators are all former professional dancers, and LEAP professors are highly qualified teachers of adult learners.

Program Associate Director, San Francisco Coordinator

Stephanie Miller 

Stephanie Miller






Program Administrators

Annie Colbeck, Southern California Coordinator 

Margot de La Barre, New York Coordinator

Margot de La Barre





Shaunna Vella, LEAP Faculty Director
Claire Sheridan, Program Founder

Writing for the Liberal Arts:
Elizabeth Cowan (San Francisco)
Anne Hawthorne (Los Angeles)
Michael Flanagan (New York)

Personal and Professional Assessment:
Kimmy Johnson (San Francisco)
Miri Hunter (Los Angeles)
Kathy Hairston (New York)

Critical Perspectives I/Western Tradition:
Grete Stenersen (San Francisco)
Erik Ragngo (Los Angeles)
Christian De Matteo (New York)

Critical Perspectives II:
Pamela Thomas (San Francisco)
Sandie Richards (Los Angeles)
Karen De Crescenzo (New York)

Multicultural Thought:
Megan Low (San Francisco)
Christian De Matteo (New York)

Angel Roque  (San Francisco)
Alex Stewart  (Los Angeles)

Dance History:
Carrie Gaiser Casey (San Francisco)
Jill Nunes-Jensen (Los Angeles)

Kinesiology and Human Performance:
Sonia Bell, MD (San Francisco)
Stuart Rugg (Los Angeles)
Thomas Guthrie (New York)

Art and Practice of Math (Elective):
Jim Iler (San Francisco)
Andy Bean (Los Angeles)
Rosemary Farley (New York)

Principles of Performance:
Rebecca Engle (San Francisco)
Frank Murray (San Francisco)
Clayton B. Hodges (Los Angeles)
Gary Ramsey (New York)

Music in Performance:
Lino Rivera (San Francisco)
Michael Arshagouni (Los Angeles)
Christopher Davis (Las Vegas)
Jeanne Golan (New York)


Photo Credit, below: Andrew Veyette by Paul Kolnick