KSOE Marketing and Recruiting Resources

This page is designed to be a resource for all your external marketing and recruiting needs. Please email KSOE Marketing with any questions or additional support you may need or use the links below. We're happy to help! 

KSOE Brand Platform 

In delivering a modern, relevant academic experience that promises long-term career success for highly empowered educators, counselors, and leaders, the Kalmanovitz School of Education ensures communities thrive wherever our graduates reside.

Content for KSOE should adhere to these pillars:

  • People with Phenomenal Will — activation of self-agency
  • Academics with an Innovative Spark — purposeful, modern education with an imaginative curriculum 
  • Knowledge with Staying Power — practical education that ensures success now and far in the future

Ways you can help Market and Recruit for KSOE
Faculty and Staff often ask how they might help to spread the word about KSOE. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Partner with us to create a speaking event: Virtual and in person events are a powerful way for us to invite new audiences to learn about KSOE and share our expertise and our values. These events are NOT program overviews/information sessions but can be a panel discussion, a presentation of recent research, etc.  We will help by handling the logistics and marketing of the event. Your role will be to guide content and find additional speakers if needed. 
  • Be available as a media expert: Are there issues going on to which you have an opinion or can offer expertise that might be valuable to local media?  We are creating a KSOE Faculty expert inventory so we can create relationships with local media to offer perspectives.  Send us an email with topics you can cover. If there is enough interest, we can create a media training session. 
  • Ensure you mention KSOE and our programs when speaking externally. We have provided a presentation template as well as information session slides that can be used for formal presentations. We also have our logo that can be added to websites, etc. Please feel free to reach out to us when you have an external opportunity with at least 1 month notice if possible and we can see how we might support. 
  • Create content to share to KSOE social media or newsletter: Share your successes, research, opinions. We need to feature your expertise in our newsletter and social media. 
  • Forward the KSOE Newsletter to your network: You can send this via email or social media. You can find past issues on this page. You can also share individual stories. 
  • Follow KSOE on social media and share our content on your social media:  links to our social media can be foudn below. If you'd like a primer on social media let us know and we are happy to set up time for us to show you how you can use your social media to create a platform for authentic communication about key issues. LinkedIn is especially good for this as it can be focused more on the issues and ideas rather than personal posts.