KSOE Spring Instructional Modality Plan Message

Dear KSOE community,

We at the Kalmanovitz School of Education (KSOE) are committed to assuring that students, faculty and staff are able to participate equitably and successfully as members of the KSOE and SMC learning community. As you consider your learning needs for the coming term, we understand that you might have many questions about the future of course modality this coming spring, summer and fall. The staff and faculty at KSOE have two guiding priorities: everyone’s health and safety and in delivering the highest quality education. For those reasons, all courses in the spring semester in KSOE will be held entirely online. Though we have held in person courses as our main method for providing a Saint Mary’s education, it is unfortunately not possible to do so at this time. We all look forward to being able to sit together once again in the coming seasons.

As we look forward to summer, we will continue to monitor the health recommendations from the Contra Costa County Department of Public Health. The College has determined that if the County sustains a status of RED tier or better, we can begin to transition to in-person instruction for graduate courses. It is quite possible that we will be in the RED tier in the coming months. Given the current outlook regarding the availability and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with state guidelines, as well as projected virus transmission rates and local ICU capacities, we expect that the summer courses to be either (a) held entirely online or (b) conducted as a hybrid format, which means some meetings of the course held in person and some held online. We are sensitive to the needs of students, staff and faculty who may wish to continue their study or work remotely due to personal circumstances including health or care provider concerns. Therefore, a similar combination of remote instruction and hybrid courses is expected for the fall terms. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updated information as the summer and fall terms approach. One of the many benefits of being a private, liberal arts Catholic university is that we can make these decisions closer to the start of the term, and after we have considered the most current information available. 

It is our sincere desire to be back on campus, together again, and we will be doing so when it is safe for everyone. Until that time, we will continue to reach out, connect and support each other across the miles. 

Dean Carol Gittens, PhD