Program Details

Grade-A program. 

The KSOE’s Multiple Subject Preliminary Teaching Program is recognized as one of the best around. By successfully completing our one-year, 36-unit program, you will be qualified to teach elementary public/private schools (K-8 grades) in California.

When should you apply?

The Multiple Subject Peliminary Teaching Program has a Summer and January start term. Applications are accepted year round. Priority deadlines must be met to be considered for admission scholarships.


Required Course Sequence (36 units total) as of January 2018:

Course descriptions are found in the online Course Catalog.

First Term (Summer or January, 7 units):

MSTE 212: Learning & Development in a Multicultural Society (3 units)

MSTE 317: Introduction to Field Experience (3 units)

MSTE 275: Health & Physical Education (1 unit)

Second Term (Fall or Spring, 15 units):

MSTE 263: Curriculum & Instruction: Literacy I (3 units)

MSTE 328: Teaching English Learners (2 units)

MSTE 345: Curriculum &  Instruction: Social Studies & Humanities (3 units)

MSTE 350: Curriculum & Instruction: Mathematics (3 units)

MSTE 360: Fieldwork Seminar I (2 units)

MSTE 310: Supervised Teaching I (2 units)

Third Term (January or Summer, 2 units):

MSTE 223: Technology in the Classroom (1 unit) 

MSTE 242: EdTPA Practicum (1 unit)

Fourth Term (Spring or Fall, 12 units):

MSTE 264: Curriculum & Instruction: Literacy II (3 units)

MSTE 338: Teaching Learners with Special Needs (2 units)

MSTE 349: Curriculum & Instruction: Science (3 units)

MSTE 370: Fieldwork Seminar II (2 units)

MSTE 320: Supervised Teaching II (2 units) 


Continue on to a Master of Arts in Teaching

Getting your multiple subject credential is a great first step toward a rewarding teaching career. But for just another twelve units, you can earn a Master of Arts in Teaching. The automatic bump in salary you’ll receive with this advanced degree is definitely worth the small, additional investment of time.


Are you an undergraduate seeking a credential?

The Justice, Community and Leadership (JCL) undergraduate major has a Teachers for Tomorrow (TFT) concentration. Students earn their JCL Bachelor of Arts and a preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential to work in K-8 classrooms.

This interdisciplinary program stresses critical inquiry, leadership, global perspectives,social and environmental stewardships, and self-assessment. It prepares leaders within a social justice framework to address the critical educational challenges of our times.