Program Details

Grade-A program. 

The KSOE’s Multiple Subject Peliminary Teaching Program is recognized as one of the best around. By successfully completing our one-year, 36-unit program, you will be qualified to teach elementary public/private schools (K-8 grades) in California.

When should you apply?

The Multiple Subject Peliminary Teaching Program has a Summer and January start term. Applications are accepted year round. Priority deadlines must be met to be considered for admission scholarships.

Required courses** (36 units total) as of January 2018:

MSTE 212: Learning & Development in a Multicultural Society (3 units)

MSTE 223: Technology in the Classroom (1 unit) 

MSTE 242: EdTPA Practicum (1 unit)

MSTE 263: Curriculum & Instruction: Literacy I (3 units)

MSTE 264: Curriculum & Instruction: Literacy II (3 units)

MSTE 275: Health & Physical Education (1 unit)

MSTE 310: Supervised Teaching I (2 units)

MSTE 317: Introduction to Field Experience (3 units)

MSTE 320: Supervised Teaching II (2 units) 

MSTE 328: Teaching English Learners (2 units)

MSTE 338: Teaching Learners with Special Needs (2 units)

MSTE 345: Curriculum &  Instruction: Social Studies & Humanities (3 units)

MSTE 349: Curriculum & Instruction: Science (3 units)

MSTE 350: Curriculum & Instruction: Mathematics (3 units)

MSTE 360: Fieldwork Seminar I (2 units)

MSTE 370: Fieldwork Seminar II (2 units)

**NOTE - The CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing is requiring that all credential programs make revisions to meet new standards and requirements.  The '17-'18 school year is considered a transition year, so there may be some adjustments to courses and start times.  Please connect with the admissions counselor for specific details.

Continue on to a Master of Arts in Teaching

Getting your multiple subject credential is a great first step toward a rewarding teaching career. But for just another twelve units, you can earn a Master of Arts in Teaching. The automatic bump in salary you’ll receive with this advanced degree is definitely worth the small, additional investment of time.

Are you an undergraduate seeking a credential?

The Justice, Community and Leadership (JCL) undergraduate major has a Teachers for Tomorrow (TFT) concentration. Students earn their JCL Bachelor of Arts and a preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential to work in K-8 classrooms.

This interdisciplinary program stresses critical inquiry, leadership, global perspectives,social and environmental stewardships, and self-assessment. It prepares leaders within a social justice framework to address the critical educational challenges of our times.