Program Details

Become a first-rate secondary educator. 

The KSOE’s Single-Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential program combines rigorous coursework with supervised student teaching in diverse settings. By successfully earning a credential in our one-year, 35-unit program, you will be qualified to teach middle school, junior high, or high school in both public and private schools in California. The student teacher requirement incorporates a one year placement in a middle or high school that reflects the diverse population of California students (Title 1). The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing defines successful completion of a credential program. 

Required courses** (35 units total) as of August 1, 2017:

SSTE 211: Social and Psychological Foundations of Education (3 units)

SSTE 215: Foundations of Secondary Education (3 units)

SSTE 227: EdTPA Support (1 unit)

SSTE 340: Teaching for Social Justice (3 units)

SSTE 350: Humanizing Education Methods, includes general methods and subject matter support (4 units)

SSTE 254: Foundations of Literacy (2 units)

SSTE 274: Universal Access to Education (3 units)

SSTE 276: Health Education (1 unit)

SSTE 375:  Praxis Seminar I (4 units, including seminar and fieldwork)

SSTE 380: Methods for Liberation (4 units)

SSTE 385:  Praxis Seminar II (7 units, including seminar and fieldwork)