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General Information

925-631-4700 (front desk); 925-376-8379 (fax)
Mailing AddressPMB 4350, Moraga, CA  94575-4350
Physical Address: 1928 St. Mary's Rd., Moraga, CA 94556
Building: Filippi Academic Hall (FAH), 2nd Floor


Academic Departments


Counseling Department
Department Chair: Dr. Gloria Sosa 925-631-4306
Department Manager:  Winnie Froehlich 925-631-4130
Department Assistant: Cherene Zingg 925-631-4723
Department Assistant: Patrice Young 925-631-4595

Higher Education & Student Affairs / Higher Education & Student Affairs / PCC / Career Counseling
Program Coordinator: Dr. Gloria Sosa 925-631-4306

Marriage & Family Therapy/Professional Clinical Counselor
Program Coordinator: Dr. Laura Heid 925-631-4293
Admissions & Field Placement Coordinator: Diane Sus 925-631-8891  

School Counseling/School Psychology / Post-Master's, School Counseling PPS Credential-Only / Post-Master's, School Psychology PPS Credential-Only
PPSC Program Director and School Psychology Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Anguiano 925-631-4465
School Counseling Advisor: Dr. Suzy Thomas 925-631-4539
Admissions & Field Placement Coordinator: Jill Nelson 925-631-6286


Leadership Department
Department Chair: S. Marshall Perry 925-631-4586
Department Manager: Ann Marie Foley 925-631-8684

Leadership and Organizational Studies - BA
Program Director: Dr. Annalee Lamoreaux
Program Manager & Admissions: Kristine Puffer  925-631-4713                                      
Program Assistant: 

Leadership - MA
Program Director: Dr. Marguerite Welch                                 
Program Assistant: 

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential/MA in Educational Administration 
Interim Program Director: Dr. S. Marshall Perry  925-631-4586
Program Assistant: 

Teaching Leadership - MA (MATL)
Program Director: Dr. Heidimarie Rambo  925-631-4617
Program Assistant: 

Doctorate in Educational Leadership - EdD
Program Director: Dr. Heidimarie Rambo  925-631-4617                                       
Admissions: Dr. Heidimarie Rambo  925-631-4617  
Program Assistant: 

Teacher Education

Teacher Education Department
Department Chair: Dr. Peter Alter 925-631-4850
Department Manager:  Jeannie Harberson 925-631-4936

Master of Arts in Education Program
Program Director: Dr. Laurie Edwards 925-631-8031
Program Assistant: Mary Withers 925-631-4292   

Master of Arts in Teaching Program
Program Director: Dr. Laurie Edwards 925-631-8031
Program Assistant: Cyndie Paul 925-631-4724

Master of Arts in Special Education Program
Program Director: Dr. David Krapf 925-631-8177
Program Assistant: Cyndie Paul 925-631-4724

Multiple Subject Credential Program (Elementary Education)
Admissions & Field Placement Coordinator: Cynthia Goin  925-631-5035                                  
Program Assistant: Mary Withers 925-631-4292   

Single Subject Education Credential Program (Secondary Education)
Admissions & Field Placement Coordinator: Chris Junsay  925-631-4741                                   
Program Assistant: Cyndie Paul 925-631-4724                      

Special Education Credential Program
Program Director and Admissions: Dr. David Krapf 925-631-8177
Program Assistant: Cyndie Paul  925-631-4724                                        
Field Placement Coordinator: Cathy Rice 925-631-8319

Teachers for Tomorrow
Program Coordinator: Isabella Navarro  925-631-4304

Academic Centers

Environmental Literacy
Coordinator: Maureen Esty 925-631-4617                                       
Director: Luz Casquejo-Johnson 925-631-4089

Leadership Center
Co-Director: Dr. Ken Otter
Co-Director: Dr. Doug Paxton

Reading Recovery Center
Director: Adria Klein
Program Assistant: Annie Browne 925-631-5044

The Dean's Office

Carol Ann Gittens, Ed.D.  Dean
Laurie Aguirre, (Assistant to the Dean)
Tamara Spencer, Ed.D. (Associate Dean) 
Lydia Wiley, (Assistant to the Associate Dean)

Admissions and Outreach
Manager: Aida Pelton 925-631-4199
Assistant: Mindy Sauve 925-631-4054

Assessment and Accreditation
Assessment Coordinator and Credential Analyst: Dr. Colleen Keirn 925-631-4889

Business Operations
Director: Vince Nicosia 925-631-4135
Operations Specialist: Dora Scott 925-631-4722